AKA VS Reebok over SneAKA deal and lack of royalties

AKA reebok SneAKA (Kas'lam Magazine)

Who would’ve thought that in 2020 Entertainment news would still be reporting stories of Artists not reading their contracts or even worse, not even signing one.  Rapper AKA has come out guns blazing against Reebok, claiming he was not paid for the creation and marketing of his SneAKA shoe range.

The rapper took to Twitter on Thursday (14 May 2020) to reveal the finer details of how the SneAKA collaboration apparently turned sour and that he “didn’t get a cent” for it. This happened after a fan praised him over the sneaker, saying it was one of the best he’s ever bought and a big win for hip-hop culture. AKA then repleid with “Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? Not one cent,” shocking his followers and the rest of Twitter.

What shocked the nation even more, is when AKA revealed that the was actually no contract signed regarding the SneAKA deal.  AKA’s claims caused a huge storm on Twitter with fans bombarding him with questions about the collaboration. “I had no choice … it was always a dream of mine to have my own sneaker. I guess that’s why I took a ‘shitty deal’ in exchange for doing something for the culture,” he explained.

After this all started a trend to boycott Reebok with the #ReebokMustFall, Reebok came out with a statement of their own. “In October 2019, we executed a successful launch of the Reebok SneAKA. Upon entering into the relationship, both parties were happy with the agreement, and the terms of the launch were not disputed. Reebok met all of our contractual obligations related to the launch.”

Reebok explained that earlier this year they decided to cut AKA loose due to a “shift in strategy” but had hoped to partner with the rapper in future.

“However, we did discuss a new approach of working with AKA. Reebok is thus very disappointed to be learning of the issues raised on social media, as we believed the relationship to still be on a strong footing to negotiate potential future deals.”

Looks like AKA really got the short end of the stick this time around, once again it’s lesson for Artists to make sure they have their paperwork properly done when dealing with cooperates.

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