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They say there’s always 2 side to a story, for a long while now we’ve only paid attention to one side of the Ambitiouz Entertainment story. Ambitiouz Entertainment has been getting a lot of bad press for a while now, A lot of prominent artists have cut ties with the label and there’s rumours Sjava also wants to leave.

Just a few days back rumours came out that Sjava also wants to leave the label. Sjava is allegedly considering joining fellow musicians Amanda Black, Fifi Cooper, A-Reece and Emtee who exited the label under nasty circumstances. He is allegedly “extremely unhappy” at the stable, and is currently exploring ways to cut ties with the label that made him a superstar.

Word has it that top of the list of the reasons Sjava is unhappy at Ambitiouz, is over not receiving a cent from his feature on the Black Panther soundtrack in 2018. This is not the first time the label has been accused of such actions. However, Ambitiouz also claim to have not received any form of payment from the Black Panther project to date and efforts have been made to claim revenues from the project, including hiring international royalty specialists to assist in this regards.

With Ambitiouz Entertainment having received a lot of criticism for its huge exodus of artists in the last few years, and now with threats of Sjava also wanting to leave. They in turn, recently attempted to enlighten fans on what it’s like to be a record label and challenges its faced. Ambitiouz recently did a Q and A session on Twitter, where it addressed some of the more pressing issues on music lovers’ minds regarding the label.

One tweep said, “I want to start (a) a record label. What can you advise me? What are the most challenging aspects regarding running a record label?” Ambitiouz responded, “Be prepared for ‘Please sign me, I’m desperate’ to (change to) ‘Vele, vele it was only me and my fans that got me here’ – after you’ve spent fortunes in developing an unknown artist and making them a star.”

Another tweep countered with, “(For) the record label to (become) well-known, (it) was Emtee’s talent and Fifi – they pushed so hard. You guys just brought funds.” That’s when Ambitiouz implied that it was their funds that made the likes of Emtee and Fifi popular.

When asked if they would ever work with EmTee or Fifi Cooper ever again, the label answered “only if it makes sense”.

A throwback to our first interview with Sjava

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