Angie Santana Drops New Single & She’s All About the ‘Money’

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Angie Santana is all about the money moves with the drop of her new single ‘Money’. The song features emerging ‘Rap genius’/singer/producer, Indigo Stella. ‘Money’ sends out a strong message that the 2 Female Artists mean serious business with their craft. Known for her Soulful Trap ballads, Angie says she chose this particular sound and collaboration to branch out to the Hip-Hop market.

Angelico Santana professionally known as Angie Santana has been bubbling under since first bursting onto the scene in 2017. The 25 years old Songwriter & Trap-soul/RnB Singer has captivated fans since the release of her debut single ‘RnB & Hennessy’, which was taken off her Soundcloud released EP titled ‘By the Time You Get This’.

Shortly after that, her smooth vocals had caught the attention of Mafikizolo’s Theo Kgosinkwe. She was then signed to Theo Kgosinkwe’s 360 Degrees Entertainment in late 2017. Soon after she penned with the Record label, she released her most successful song to date titled ‘Don’t Waste My Time’.

She has since parted ways with 360 Degrees Entertainment, stating that it was due to creative differences. Angie Santana is deeply rooted in her RnB ways, and says she’ll forever be “stubborn” in keeping her Trap-Soul and RnB sound. Most South African RnB Artists are influenced to switch up to Afro-pop or Afro-Beats by Record labels, she didn’t allow that to happen to her.

Now working and releasing music as an independent Artist, she’s determined more than ever to prove that she still means serious busines. Although RnB has always been a sceptical pursuit in South Africa, she’s ready to prove that it can be done. She draws her inspiration from listening to a lot of 80s & 90s RnB, and applause artists like Tellaman and Elaine who have stuck to their RnB roots.

As usual we had Kas’lam TV’s very own T. Rapz catch up with Angie Santana to dig deeper on her journey as we get to know her even better. Angie and Rapz discussed everything from the making of her new single to her regular hobbies, like books she’s into, as well as how she’s been keeping busy during the Lock-down.

Watch the full interview on IG Live below.

Angie Santana – BIO / PROFILE

Real name                               : Angelico Vanto

Hometown / Kasi                   : Kimberly, South Africa

Angie Santana Age                          : 25

Angie Santana’s Instagram           : @angiesantana_sa

Angie Santana on Facebook         : Angie Santana

Angie Santana’s Twitter                 : @AngieSanta_SA

Record Label                                      : Independent Artist

Occupation                                         : Singer & Songwriter

Genre                                                   : RnB, TrapSoul, Hip-Hop

Popular Songs                                   : RnB & HennessyDon’t Waste My Time, Money

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