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Today we are hanging out with one of S.A Hip Hop’s rap legends L.Tido, who has been in the game for a very long time, 10 years to be exact. It’s not easy to last this long in this cut throat industry, how did you do it? There’s no formula, There’s no method. I think it’s through God’s grace, Talent and blessings which all work together.

You’ve been independent for almost your entire career and you’ve recently just signed to a label. What brought about the change?

Universal music and I had a discussion and saw eye-to-eye with each other. I’ll never close myself to opportunities in life, what the label proposed at the time also made sense to me so I gave it a try.

You recently dropped an album with universal music group in 2018, Tell us more about it.

It’s the hottest album, the response has been really overwhelming. The fans have shown so much love which has inspired me to go back to the studio and I’m glad I took a personal route on this album. I spoke from the heart about the state of the industry, my dad not being around and so forth.

Speaking about the album, there’s a notorious B.I.G song you sampled on it, how did that concept come about?

(Chuckles) I school young aspiring rappers what to do and how to do it so this was my exercise to remind everybody the important factors of rap as an art form.

There’s a track titled “glitz gang forever” There’s a lot of personal stories shared on it, are you and the former members of the group on good terms?

We are okay, in life people always have misunderstandings and as a nature of human beings and as rappers we also have those too because we are human beings first before rappers.

A lot of your peers in the industry are endorsing your album, are they on your payroll?

(Chuckles), No. You can’t pay people to show you love and besides they have enough money anyways. It’s nothing but love, I always tell aspiring musicians that if your peers show respect to you and your craft, that means you doing something right because they’re doing what you’re doing.

Going forward with the album, are we going to see videos, is there a tour planned?

Definitely, I’m shooting a video with AKA for my track titled “No favours” soon. After dropping the music video, I’m going on tour.

How do you plan on picking up in 2019 with regards to picking up from the album’s momentum?

I’ll be dropping a lot of videos for a lot of songs on the album. There’s merchandise available that I’ll be pushing which can currently be found at “Fresh out” store in Braamfontein.

One last question, How does L.Tido maintain his friendship with AKA and Cassper?

I relate to both of them, I won’t let my relationship with the other get in the way with the other. I’ve got mad love for both these bros’.

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