Castle Lite Unlocks? Fans think it’s Cardi B… Tickets start at R50

Castle Lite Unlocks, one of South Africa’s highlight hip-hop events, is launching their 2020 edition with a special huge early bird discount on tickets. CAN YOU GUESS WHO THEY’LL BE UNLOCKING

As Castle Lite Unlocks returns for a hallmark edition in 2020, the brand has taken a bold and unprecedented move in a bid to do things differently this year and truly Unlock Extra Cold Refreshment for Hip-Hop lovers.

Renowned for being the biggest supporter of the Hip-Hop movement in Africa, Castle Lite will release a limited number of Early Bird tickets this week. These tickets will begin selling at the jaw-dropping price of R50 and will increase by an additional R50 every 30 minutes. So, the longer you wait to snatch up your tickets the more expensive they will become. But there is a catch!

The tickets for this year will begin selling at R50 and will increase by an additional R50 every 30 minutes.The only catch is fans will have to purchase these Early Bird tickets prior to finding out who this year’s headlining act will be. All that the brand can reveal at this point is that the flamboyant multi-award-winning and record-breaking artist who yields a global fan base and reach will not only bring their unique flair to Mzansi, but they will also mark a big shift in the way Castle Lite has done things before.

Tickets go on sale on the Castle Lite website on Thursday, 20 February at 3 pm. The headline act will be revealed at 7:30 pm on the same day.

“Castle Lite Unlocks is in its 10th year now and has seen a decade of extraordinary musical talent, a celebration of a
culture, which has captivated the world and also brought African Hip-Hop to the fore. It is now time to step things up and take Unlocks to new heights,” said Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker, in a statement.

“And what better way to usher in the next decade for Unlocks than to give our consumers the opportunity to be the first to purchase tickets at an unprecedented price to the biggest Hip-Hop experience in Africa, headlined by their favourite international act.”

Rapper Rouge and her team upload a video of them receiving the name and it looks like Cardi B

Castle Lite Unlocks has over the years brought the likes of Kanye West, Timbaland, Chance the Rapper and Meek Mill to local shores. Meanwhile, they keep us guessing as to who’ll be unlocked this year. Although it’s not known yet, the masses have already made up their minds that it’s Cardi B. You also can’t blame them, because a video of SA rapper Rouge and her crew receiving the exclusive info as to who will be unlocked, shows a glimpse of the name and it does seem to be Cardi B… We’ll find out soon!

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