Cebo Will Make You Tatazela With his New Banger

Image of Cebo (Cebzin)

Former Dbn Nyts member Cebo has just released a new banger that has been making everyone Tatazela on Social Media. With just under a week since the song ‘Tatazela’ has been released, it is already shaking up the entire nation. With the song featuring legendary hitmaker DJ Clock as well as Bizizi and Kaygee Daking, the single was destined to be a hit before it was even released.

The hitmaker that hails from KwaMashu (Durban), who originally started his journey as a dancer (Pantsula) is now making everyone dance. Cebo a.k.a i-Pantsula eli clean (The cleanest Pantsula) is no stranger to the charts and the spotlight. Cebo was one of the original 5 members of Dbn Nyts, who brought us smashing hits ‘Shumaya’ and ‘Gqom user’.

We caught up with Cebo on a Kas’lam TV Insta Live interview to talk everything from breaking from the Group (Dbn Nyts) to the releasing of his Smash hit Tatazela. We asked Cebo how he was able to link up with the Legendary hitmaker DJ Clock, who has been on a hiatus for a while now. “I’m fortunate to have a close relationship with DJ clock who is a brother to me, so when I asked him to cook up something for me he didn’t hesitate to deliver a smash on production!” – says Cebo.

Cebzin who was chatting to Kas’lam TV’s T. Rapz, also shared the full story how the song came about and how it was titled Tatazela’. “As we were still listening to the beat created by Dj Clock, my DJ started dancing to the song. As he was was dancing in sort of a Tatazeling manner, Bizizi started laughing at the Dj and mimicked by saying; ‘Awnang’ Yatatazela’, Yambon’ Yatatazela’, ‘Tatazela Ndoda’, that was the hook which came about  just like that, and so we all started flowing will the rhythm, that’s how Tatazela was made”. – said the Cleanest Pantsula

Cebzin also sent a huge shout out to his fans who have been supporting him from the release of his first single ‘Lova Gijima’, prior to ‘Tatazela’. He assured us that he will be dropping the music video to Tatazela by the end of the first week of August.

Watch the full Interview on Kas’lam TV’s Instagram Live.

Have a listen to Cebo’s new single #Tatazela

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