Converse Makes 50K Donation to ‘Surfers Not Street Children’

image of Surfers Not street Children

With Surfers Not street Children determined to keep the kids out of the streets (yes, ironic lol), they have now acquired the help of Converse. With Converse’s positive buildup of CSI projects, the brand explored the concept of showing its support in other ways, dabbling with a creative stroke. Converse celebrated a donation of R50 000 made to the Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) known as Surfers Not street Children in Durban, KZN.
Made in support of the organisation’s ongoing efforts to educate the youth and pass on beneficial life skills, the donation’s total value of R50 000 was based on a long-term project that involved decorative Converse patches for its sneakers. The brand introduced a line of statement patches that could be applied to one’s wardrobe pieces, introducing a customizable factor and uniqueness. The patches were sold in all Converse stores for R15 and Converse donated R50 for every patch sold, to the organisation.
The cheque handover event was hosted at the Surf Club South Beach and involved valued members from the organisation. Converse created hampers for each child which featured a range of merchandise including t-shirts and sneakers.
The lessons learnt through the sport (surfing) communicates a well-rounded set of values that the members of the organisation carry with them through life. Converse’s association with the PBO highlights the brand’s intrinsic efforts in pursuing positive change, youth empowerment and creative expression.

About Surfers Not Street Children:
Surfers Not Street Children, in its current format, has been working with street children and children at risk of street connectedness in Durban, South Africa since 2012. Many children have come through its programs and have gone on to transform their lives. Its success has been achieved through a multifaceted approach that fuses surfing and mentorship alongside psychosocial care. Surfers Not Street Children’s goal is to empower the children it works with to leave the streets behind for good and become independent and self-sustainable. Its staff is made up of trained professionals and trained former street children, giving it a unique integrity amount the children it serves. 

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