DJ BIG SKY Drops a Beautiful Anti-GBV Jam ‘Seng’Khathele’

Image of DJ Big Sky

DJ Big Sky is back with a new soulful banger titled ‘Seng’khathele’. The hitmaker that gave us ‘Fire’ and ‘Khushuhushu’ is back on a different tip, with his new anti-GBV inspired single featuring Nandi. ‘Seng’khathele’ is a beautiful mellow melodic Ama-Piano jam, with Beautiful and soulful vocals delivered by Nandi. The song tells a story of a woman who is tired of being in an abusive relationship, who finally finds her voice and takes a stand for herself.

DJ Big Sky is definitely one of the biggest hitmakers in the country right now. He took South Africa by storm when he dropped one of the biggest songs of 2019, with the single ‘Fire’. Proving that ‘Fire’ was not just a stroke of luck of the Ama-Piano wave, he followed it up with another big song titled ‘Khushuhushu’. The song dropped in June 2020 and was an instant hit, despite being released during the Lock-down period.

BigSky seemed to have come out of nowhere when he dropped ‘Fire’. However, he has had quite the journey leading up to his recent found fame. He started deejaying around 2003, when he was mentored by DJ Star who was at the time part of the Legendary Group BFR formed by phenomenal Dj Mbuso. In 2007, he was the feature DJ on ‘Da City with Mr. T’ on YFM every Saturday. 

In 2008, he started the duo called Jazzulu, where he worked with pianist BusiJazz. The group went on to release a few radio singles and was part of a nationwide tour with the Castle Milk Stout Unplugged sessions. The duo has since separated and BigSky went back the cooperate world to pursue a career in engineering since he possesses a Chemical Engineering Diploma, but the music just kept on pulling him back.

He decided to resurrect his music career back in 2015 when he released his debut single titled ‘Kanjena’. The Dj, Producer, SongWriter and Event Planner works and releases music under his own record label called Urban Vibes Production.

We caught up with DJ Big Sky on a Kas’lam TV IG Live interview to chat more about what he was been working on. Big Sky Highlighted that he dropped this new song because he has always been an Anti-woman abuse advocate and this seemed like the right time to join the converstion. What was even more inspiring is that he says all streaming and downloads revenue generated by the song will be donated to an Anti GBV organisation.

The Hitmaker says its his Artistic obligation to address issues affecting the community and expand on a conversation that has been a major one for the nation recently. DJ Big Sky also had some exciting news, as he is almost done with his album and we should be expecting it to frop anytime now. He didn’t want to give out too much on the album as he wants the focus to be on ‘Seng’khathele’, but he does promise a FIRE album!

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