Going back to Idols changed my life – Kyle Deutsch

For those who don’t know who Kyle is, please indulgent them.
My name is Kyle Deutsch and we chillin’ here with Kaslam mag, you might know me from the hit singles “Back to the beach”, “can’t get enough” and “All night”.
Most of the public was introduced to you through SA Idols season 8 & 10 but you’ve been a musician almost all your life, please tell us how your music journey started?
I started with learning guitar in like grade 8 or 9, so as I went to high school I started messing around with the guitar and writing my own music. I went for one or two lessons but mostly self-taught and I started playing from there.
Then came Idols … 
Yeah… I always had this idea that I could sing but never knew to what extent, so I went to Idols for the first time (season 8) and I missed out on the top 32. Khaya went on to win that season, I ended up helping him choose a few songs that helped him do well on the competition. I went back again and finished 5th on season 10 and from there we just started using that platform to release music.
How did you end up going back for the second time on Idols?
I sat down with Sketchy Bongo and a couple of my friends and told them I think I’m going to do it again and we made a collective decision that it was better of everyone who was involved in my music and for me to take part again. I knew that if I were to get a gold ticket I would go far, we already had good music recorded and for us to release it we needed to create a platform. Since we’ve able to start releasing music Sketchy Bongo is blowing up on the radio and the first good track started with myself, Aewon Wolf and Sketchy Bongo. We’ve been working a long time before that but us coming out and releasing music after Idols was a huge benefit for us in using the platform for people to be able to accept what we have to offer.
What were your favourite moments on the show (Idols)?
I was supposed to perform Loliwe by Zahara the week that I went out, preparing for that song was really something special and I was looking forward to performing that one that’s one thing I’m bummed I missed out on. The whole show working with the crew getting to meet the guys getting the exposure of what its like to be treated at the top level that was really something. Working with the band was phenomenal, the band on Idols is ridiculous its probably hard to find better musicians in the world.

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