Hip-hop has always been my thing: Boity talks about journey into music

Model, Actress, TV Personality, businesswoman and now Hip-Hop artist Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo took the music scene by storm and dazzled both her haters and fans when she unveiled her musical capabilities.

Born April 28, 1990 in Potchestroom, North West, Boity is the only daughter of the beautiful Modiehi Thulo who raised her alone since her teenage years. Thulo studied Psychology and Criminology at Monash University, but later dropped out because of high varsity fees. She then signed to a casting agency which resulted in her appearing on a wimpy commercial in 2010, a move that kickstarted her impressive career. 

Thulo had previously dated rapper Cassper Nyovest, the pair got engaged but later called off the engagement and ended their relationship in December 2015.

In 2016, she collaborated with Sissy-Boy for a jean collection, and continued her venture with Sissy-Boy as they released a new collection in July 2018. She also partnered with Impulse SA in creating limited edition fragrances in 2018.

One of her notable career moves include staring on the drama series “Rockville”, she appeared on all 4 seasons playing “Mpho Bogatsu”. Little did we know that her talents stretch far beyond that.

Boity made her rapping debut on the Migos Culture Tour in South Africa on October 2017 in Durban. Thulo Joined Nasty C to entertain the crowd while the trio were late, and yes, we haven’t forgotten.

In August 2018, Thulo released her debut single “Wuz Dat” featuring Nasty C. The song won Best Collabo at the South African Hip-Hop awards.

In February 2019, she released her second single “Bakae”, which set the airwaves alight.

Kas’lam Invited Boity for an exclusive interview to chat about her new career and her hidden talent which had twitter going crazy … and you know how crazy twitter can be.  

I was playing your track early in the morning and I was like, if anybody was doubting you before, with this one you gave them no choice, it’s a dope one.

Thank you.

Sounds like you got a lot of issues you are addressing on the song.

Well… I wouldn’t say they are issues; they are just touch points. I didn’t wanna dwell too much on one particular subject, I just wanted one sentence that addresses all the little bits.

We know you had a little bit of help from Nasty C when it came to writing the first one. With your second single, you sound more mature and like a true rapper who’s been killing it for a while. Was it all you on this one?

No, I definitely had assistance on this one as well, I don’t want to pretend like I wrote all this by myself. I feel like I need to be honest about my journey because I’m a student on this path. So, I’ll take any form of assistance and the more I do so, the more I’m able to cultivate my own sound and skill. I become better, and without a doubt I had a great team behind me.

There’s always been a huge debate in the hip hop community about contributing writers and ghost writers. What’s your view on that?

A lot of people lie about it and I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. As a matter of fact, I think more than anywhere else, in SA people still think every rapper should be a lyrical genius which is definitely not possible. Some people can’t rap but are implacable writers, and some can’t write but sound great on the mic. People should take the pressure off themselves and acknowledge that they need help, I for one won’t pretend like this is all me. The likes of Beyoncé, Drake and Rihanna have a team as well, they don’t write and produce all their songs alone all the time.  

On the song Bakae you touch on this. Was it always the plan to take this route?

To be honest, I didn’t even see it coming myself. I know that it’s a passion that’s been there for years and people who truly know me are not surprised at all. But I am surprised that I actually went for it, I thought it was something that I would tease. I never thought I’ll be able to gain the strength and the momentum to actually go for it.

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for ten years now. How exciting is it to have been in the game for so long and only starting a new journey now?

It’s incredible. I hope what people can take from this is that there more you unbox yourself, the more you can surprise yourself. I think everyone has more than one talent, you don’t have to be doing one thing all your life. 10 years from now I could be doing something else, who knows.

Should we be expecting an album?

Of cause, now I can say yes but I don’t know when. I don’t want to rush; I’m going to continue working at my own pace and making sure I deliver good music. There’s more music but we wanna be able to choose from a vast catalogue and give people the best.

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