“How I got my Juice back” – the art of rising after the fall – Nasty C

David Junior Ngcobo (born 11 February 1997), better known by his stage name Nasty C took South Africa by storm when he released a mega hit that even those who could not understand what he was saying sang along. From all walks of life to every kasi, his song endlessly blazed on people’s music playlists. He started at an early age and eventually mastered the process of music production and began adding his vocals on the beats he was making, later signing to Durban based artist management company, Free World Music.

Kas’lam Magazine had a chat with Mr Ngcobo to find out who is Nasty C and what is he all about.
Who is Nasty C?
I would say: Nasty C is a rapper and producer from Durban, I’ve always been a fan of hip-hop ever since I was 8 years old. I recorded my first song when I was 9 and ever since then I’ve had hundreds of songs, but in (2015) one song stood out to the masses. My song Juice back blew up and now here I am.
What is the concept behind the music?
I don’t really have a concept or a sound, I like to make music based on what or how I feel at the time. Like if you had to put me in studio now, I would probably wouldn’t make a super happy song because I’m obviously not super happy right now lol hahaha (mischievous smile). What I’m saying is it’s always inspired by what I’ve just been through the same day or a couple of days before.
Tell us about Juice Back?
2015 10th of February I dropped a mixed tape which I worked pretty long and hard on. When I dropped it, I obviously thought it will be my breakout project, I knew after this one I would make it. Then things went quiet and everything started going downwards instead of upwards. I faced a lot of drama, there was just too much going on. So, I was like …make another song because by then I was over the mix tape. I said earlier on that my music is about what I’ve been through, so obviously Juice back is about the dip of my life and me coming back with a bang.

Given the opportunity to do anything, what else would you do or be in life?
Besides music, I would be a sketch artist. I really Enjoy art, I’ve been sketching since I was young so yeah that’s what I would do.
Says Nasty C.

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