I am the number 1 Gqom Dj │Dj Sandiso

How did your musical journey begin? It started from primary school then proceeded to high school where I began deejaying from then the passion grew. After high school I wanted to focus more on sound where I majored in broadcasting, although my passion has always been music. I did my first single with Moneoa and co-produced it as well.

Tell us how you got to work with Don: I got to meet Don through Kwela Tebza who is my mentor, we went to studio and then from there on we worked on the second track following Moneoa’s.

Where does the name Gqom Lord come from? We were chilling with my friends and they were telling me that I’m the only guy who doesn’t compromise with my style of music by playing Gqom from the beginning to the end and from that day the name stuck.

In terms of your music, what are you busy with? I’m currently working on my 10-track album which is almost done, hopefully by mid-March/April I’ll be done, the Album will soon be out.

So, is the album strictly Gqom? It is Gqom, although it has different sounds, there’s Babes Wodumo, Madanon, Okmalumkoolkat and there are many other artists I feature on the album.

So where do you see Gqomwave heading to?  The fate of Gqom music has sealed itself to be honest, because of people like Dj Lad who has been touring since last year and is still on tour. Destruction boyz are doing the most right now and I’m getting calls from Zimbabwe saying they love my work. So, the people are receiving the music well, and we’re happy about that.

Are you signed under any record house? No, I’m an independent artist, I have full creative rights over my work in terms of my music and then Stamp Communications is the one in charge of the communications and the PR side of things.

Anything you’d like to put out there? The album is coming out soon and I’ll be releasing my second single following Samnqe ft Okmalumkoolkat & Madanon, although I’m yet to choose which one comes out next.

Any words you’d like to give an aspiring artist? Focus, discipline and never give up. If you really want something you have to really work on it, it takes time but with passion you’ll get there.

Now where can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @DJ SandisoSA

Twitter: @Dj SandisoSA

Facebook: DJ SandisoSA

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