MC Emnandi Taking Over from Tembisa to the World

Image of Mbetsi Mc Emnandi

It really takes a man with confidence and a true Entertainer to call themselves an MC Emnandi. From the dusty streets of Tembisa to the World, Boitumelo Israel Mbetsi popularly known (MC Emnandi) is ready to take over the entertainment scene.

The Pinini Bhono hitmaker is popularly know in his hometown as the most entertaining Hype-man around. Through his regular gigs as an MC of various clubs, pubs and events around Tembisa, MC Emnandi was able to grow a strong brand which lead to him releasing his own music.

Despite dropping his debut single titled Pinini Bhono during the struggle of the Covid-19 Lockdown, he was still able to capture the audience with his Yanos hit. Pinini Bhono was dropped 28 May 2020 and seemed to have a slow reception but eventually picked up a lot of hype in the streets of Tembisa. Now Pinini Bhono is racing to being potentially one of the big dance floor hits this coming summer.

Though music wasn’t the first love and career of choice for this artist who has a velvety smooth voice, He is definitely ready to solidify his name amongst the big names. Just like many boys from the hood, his journey began from growing up with the love of football. MC Emnandi always had his heart set on a big career in sports, hence he holds a diploma in Sports Management.  

Born and raised in Tembisa between Exubeni not far from the home of the famous Caf CL winning duo of Jerry Skhosana and Themba Zwane, he was drawn to all things sport from  young age thus studying sports management in tertiary.

“Growing up in Tembisa I was the go-to guy for anything entertainment related. I remember from as early as primary school at Birch Acres Primary, I was often the center of attraction. I had this energy which was attractive and learners from neighboring schools be it at athletic meetings or soccer matches (when I was still a keen footballer) wanted to be around me because I was the ‘life of the party’.” Says MC Emnandi

Mbesti recalls that he knew he had the gift to entertain people, whether it be at school events, football matches and train rides home, he would crack jokes and entertain whoever  was around him. “I should also mention that I’m also quite the dancer hahaha.” The dancing is what led MC Emnandi to his regular MC gigging.

“I would say it all started at kasi events, one of my signature events being Qabula Saturdays & Street Food Market, which happens once every month where I’m the resident MC. Mbesti was approached by Dennis Mdluli who would later be his producer, Mdluli knew that with the energy which MC EMNANDI had, something magical would come out of him.

We had Kas’lam TV’s very own T. Rapz catch up with Mbetsi MC Emnandi on IG live to talk about what has been an interesting & entertaining journey so far. Check out the full interview with MC Emnandi chatting to T. Rapz on IG Live below.

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