Mnqobi Yazo Dares You to Answer to Your Calling, with ‘Sabela’


Mnqobi Yazo is calling upon you to answer to your calling with his new single ‘Sabela’. “Uma ubizwa, sabela” is the message conveyed by the song. The Mabala Noise artist who’s also on high rotation featuring on Big Zulu’s new single ‘Vuma Dlozi’, has one big sing-along record right now.

Mnqobi Yazo himself answered his calling back in grade 4 when he realised his love for music. He began his journey as a rapper, then later in grade 5 to 7 joined Isicathamiya School Group. However, it was later in High School while doing Grade 10 when he really discovered his confidence and voice.

He then started looking for people to produce his songs and with no one available, he began to teach himself how to produce music. He later went to Creative Arts College, where he began to go through self-discovery as an Artist.  He started listening to Isicathamiya, Afro Jazz and Maskandi then combined all those different genres to create his own unique sound.

It was through that unique combination that he started to produce music that gave birth to his distinctive musical identity and sound. Putting out music during his second year of college and drawing the attention of the masses, to even getting himself played on various radio stations.

His first major break in the industry came through a song titled ‘Khuluma’, which he was featured on by Aewon Wolf. The song was debuted through a performance on Live Amp and went on to be used for a campaign called Khuluma Break the Silence.

2017, he formed a group together with Sibu Nzuza, Aewon Wolf and Sounds Taboo. Where they were supposed to release an EP called Mngaga, meaning Traditional Healers in Swahili. May 2018, He released his first LP titled Iscephu, meaning the laying of foundations. The LP introduces and lays a foundation of who Mnqobi is, the LP consists of 9 songs with each song telling a story of his life experiences.

Since then Mnqobi Yazo has collaborated with a number of artists and has built a huge fanbase through his unique sound of storytelling. Fusing Maskandi, Pop, Hip-Hop and Tribal, it’s no wonder the man is held at such high regards by his fans.

We caught up with the Umlazi Musician Mnqobi Yazo on Kas’lam TV’s IG Live to dig deeper on his journey and find out what he has been working on. He took time to feel us in on his upcoming album to be titled ‘Impi’, representing the struggles and wars fought during this journey of life.  Watch the full interview on IG Live below.

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