MUSA Drops New Single ‘Thandiwe’ Leading Up To a 4th Album

Image of Musa Sukwene

It all seems like a lifetime ago since Musa Sukwene won the 9th Season of Idols SA back in 2013. He has since dropped the albums ‘The Dream’ (2014), ‘Mr Serious’ (2016) & ‘Musa’ which dropped in 2018. He has gone on to be a multi-platinum selling Artist, also winning numerous music awards over the years. He has had the privilege of working with South African music legends and dropped one of South Africa’s all-time classics with ‘Mthande’, which featured the legendary composer Robbie Malinga.

Musa is back with a new love ballad titled ‘Thandiwe’, which he says is leading us to his fourth Studio album anticipated to drop early in 2021. ‘Thandiwe’ picks up where Musa and composer Robbie Malinga left off with ‘Mthande’. The song tells a story of a lover who sticks by his side through thick and thin, even when everything seems to be going down south. A very mellow and soulful Afro-pop ballad, you can hear the growth in Musa’s delivery as well as the Influence the late Robbie Malinga left behind.

It is said that when you think of Musa, think of him as a love salesman. Musa Sukwene lives and breathes love and his music is a perfect reflection of this disposition. ‘Thandiwe’ follows the success of his self-titled album ‘Musa’, which dropped in 2018. Musa says the 10-track album was one of his biggest learning curves in his career, He named the album ‘Musa’ to mark the milestone project that he started from scratch and brought to life.

“Working alone allowed me space to think independently and to reference the music I loved. I searched for all South African sounds and our heritage that we can’t pretend that wedon’t know. And also, to share the story of love with the young and old and cross the gaps without making anyone uncomfortable.” – Musa.

We caught up with him on Kas’lam TV’s IG Live to talk more about the release of his new single and the works leading to his up-coming 4th studio album. Musa also had some advice and experiences to share with the current flock of Idols SA contestants. We also got to learn a lot about his creative process and his as a human being as well. Watch the full interview on IG Live below

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