Music Video Of The Week: Rouge Featuring AKA – One by One

Rouge & AKA One By One (Kas'lam Mag)

Rouge Releases Music Video For ‘One By One’ featuring AKA. We might be in quarantine, but that is no reason to stop the creative process and to keep the entertainment scene afloat with new things.  Rouge dropped the single ‘One By One’ with AKA late Feb, the single has received a positive response from her fans ever since it dropped.

The video sees both rappers having a blast in studio, jamming to the beats as they rap along one by one. The single has been one of the profound achievements for Rouge, who has been yearning to work with AKA. There could be more singles cooking with both rappers but for now this masterpiece will do.

In a recent interview Rouge mentioned that due to COVID-19, it might be a while before we receive her new project due to unforeseen circumstances. In the meantime, we have these visuals to keep us entertained while she is figuring out how to work around this whole pandemic.

The first few seconds of the video lays down how the music video was conceptualized. The video is set out in a world of social distancing, with love battling to survive. However, there’s a group of black suited agents who are ready to intervene. These agents are ready to help love triumph the world of social distancing.

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