Nasty C: Important keys to my success

Nigerian international artist and BET award winning musician once stated on radio that Nasty C is indeed something special, following an interview about the smash hit “Juice back” remix where he was featured alongside Cassper “Abuti Fill Up” Nyovest.

Fast forward to 2019 and there’s nothing he hasn’t done and very little he hasn’t achieved. We caught up with David “Nasty C” Ngcobo for an exclusive about his journey so far and his new project called Strings & Bling.

So much has changed since the last time you were on Kas’lam Magazine, You’ve reached a level of greatness only legends acquired, what changes come with what you have achieved?

People treat me with a lot more respect right now.

In terms of your personal life and professional space, How’s everything since you have become a household name?  Now I have a lot more to do which means I have to be wiser with my time and I have to move differently because it’s not like back then when I could go wherever I want at any given time. However, I’m still the same person, I still walk the same, still with the same people and most importantly, I’m still with the same friends, nothing has changed really.

Speaking of change, you made a major change this year, Moving from mabala noise to universal music after Mabala noise’s collapse. Was that a forced move or a strategic move? It wasn’t really a forced move because I’ve worked with Universal Music before through Mabala Noise, so it was just like a transfer with Reggie (Mabala Noise boss) having the same vision I have for my music, he knew he had to pass me over to a label with a stronger push and a further reach which is Universal Music.

Now that you’ve changed labels, you came out with another project, Tell us more about it…

Strings & Bling dropping which dropped on the 6th of July 2018. The name of the album is inspired by the string instrumentals used in the album, also meaning the connections and value I have with my fans, Family and friends. The jewellery part of it, Bling, because imp young, Shiny, creative and just enjoying life.

It’s a very important album to me because I worked on it while I was working on myself so you can definitely hear and sense the growth in my music and you can tell that I’ve grown as a person.

You just spoke about being young, what are the challenges you come across as a young and Successful artist? Snakes and people expecting handouts are some of the biggest challenges when you are my age.

Now back to the album, take us through the journey of who you’ve worked with on production and who you have featured. This time around, I worked with a lot of international features, Producers from Canada and the rest of USA that sell their beats online. We communicated through texts and email. Locally I worked with Gemini Major, Gobblin, and I did some production too. In terms of features, I worked with A$ap Ferg, Rowlene and Dr Smile.

You were recently featured in the Forbes list of the Top 30 under 30 influential individuals across Africa. Now, speaking of influence, what type of influence do you want to have in your career?

I want to be a “Big bro” to all aspiring artists that feel like they don’t know how to move in the industry, teach them how to use their minds and how to be independent and have a ton load of confidence.

You speak a lot about creativity and confidence, what would you say was the key to your success?

Not being afraid to be creative, even when people don’t get it. Being very confident and giving myself the push to research, as well as going out there to learn.

5 Random things your fans would like to know.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? First thing I do is play music, then go downstairs to go eat.

What’s the first thing you spend your money on soon as the notifications come up? I Don’t spend it, I transfer the bulk of it to my Seven day fixed deposit account.

Which team are you routing for in this year’s world cup? Spain is my favourite.

Who is your all-time favourite artist? Lil Wayne.

Who is your dream collaboration? Adele

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