Senzo Afrika Takes Us To the ‘Valley Of A 1000 Hills’

Image of Senzo Afrika

Senzo Afrika takes us through a journey with the anticipated drop of his album titled ‘Valley Of A 1000 Hills.  From the beautiful hills of Kwazulu Natal, Senzo Afrika first gave us an outstanding Afro Soul single titled ‘Khumbul’ekhaya’. The song tells the story of a young man who leaves home in search of his dreams, but was told by his mother (prior to leaving) to always remember that home will be home. ‘Khumbul’ekhaya’ sets the tone of the album, which will surely take you on a journey of the travels of a young dream chaser.

Khumbul’ekhaya’ is also inspired by the fact that a lot of people leave the rural areas and the townships in search of the bag (wealth), but end up forgetting the family they left back home. “The problem with our young people is that we leave our homes for a brighter future and end up being swallowed in the fast-paced world of big cities, lights, women and fast cars” said Senzo.

Khumbul’ekhaya’ was then followed up by the second single tiled ‘Usebenzel’ ikahaya. Senzo Afrika prides himself on bringing something different, fusing his traditional Zulu lyricism with some afrobeats, a bit of Hip-Hop and mainly bringing a pop flavour to maskandi music. He brings a unique sound that has both local and international appeal.

Valley Of A 1000 Hills’ was initially released as an 8 track EP, but was later pulled from all digital stores when Senzo sealed his deal with Universal Music. Urged to only add 4 songs as the project is that good, ‘Valley Of A 1000 Hills’ is now released as a 12 track full-length under Major League Spaces (owned by the Major League DJz) & Universal Music SA.

Even though Senzo himself is smooth with the vocals, it hasn’t been a smooth journey form him at all, but definitely an inspiring one. As a sports and fitness fanatic, Senzo first pursued Athletics running for the UGU district. He also played for Sisonke fc as a goalkeeper. In 2017, he went to the DSR (Department of Sport and Recreation) to learn about being a coach which took him 6 months. Immediately after that, he opened his own gym which he named ‘GCILIMA BODY SHAPER’. In 2018, he shut down the gym and opened an Athletics club for kids around the UGU district.

It wasn’t until February 2019 when he decided to fully go back into his music hustle. He left home for JHB and got to work with Mlindo The Vocalist and Masiano. His journey didn’t last long though, as he went back home after just a month as things didn’t seem to be coming together for him. He stayed home for another 5 months working on his music and pushing via Social Medias platforms. His work finally paid off as he was later (in August) approached by the Major League DJz who gave him the shot he needed and hasn’t looked back since.

Watch our Kas’lam TV IG live interview with Senzo Michael Junior Shazi AKA Senzo Afrika below.

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