AKA Launches AKA TV

Local rapper AKA dropped more details about his new channel, AKA TV, which is set to drop on Friday (08 May 2020). Taking to his Instagram page on Wednesday evening, AKA kicked of the “State Of The Megacy” by formally announcing the launch of AKA TV.

The app which AKA calls a channel, will be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Friday as a subscription based service at R50 per month. He also opened the floor for his fans to address him. However, due to a bad connection the first couple of fans were kicked off since he couldn’t hear anything.

AKA TV app (Kas'lam Magazine)

Rapper Moozlie made a brief appearance where she asked about what will be available on the app.

The “Jika” hitmaker elaborated that “The Supa Mega Show” would go live along with videos from his live performances. Which will include his recent “AKA Orchestra On The Sqaure” that was held at the Sun Arena, Time Square in Pretoria.

Furthermore, he said that he would also be interviewing his celebrity friends and let his fans see the things he’s often privy too. Near the end of the live, he was able to get two more fans on his IG Live and gave advice about being an upcoming artist during lock-down. stating that the best thing to do is to keep making music.

AKA uploaded this video on his Instagram to announce the App

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