T.S On Her SAMA Nomination for the ‘Toro Ka Mmino’ Album

Picture of T.S the Toro Ka Mmino singer

Beautiful songstress T.S has bagged herself a SAMA nomination for Best African Contemporary Album. Gallo Music’s TS released her debut album “Toro Ka Mmino” in 2019, an intimate masterpiece made up of 12 tracks that explore various themes surrounding topics that everyone can relate to. The Platinum Province Songstress Tshenolo Sebogodi affectionately known as T S in the music circles, grew up in a township called Montshiwa and generally is a lover of arts especially music.

Despite being a law graduate, the optimist is pursuing a career as a songwriter and Afro Soul/Jazz singer. Taking to social media she expressed how grateful she is for this nomination, “I would like to thank you for supporting me, you have shown much support, and hoping to bring the award home”.

Picture of T.S

The 26th annual South African Music Awards (SAMA) will be moving to the virtual world due to the pandemic. The Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) announced that the show will be streamed online via My Muze by Vodacom and will be broadcast on television on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161). Unlike previous years where the entire show took place on one day, the 26th SAMA Awards will be broken up into five episodes airing between 3 and 7 August at 21:30. The first four episodes will be 30 minutes long, while the fifth one will be a 45-minute grand finale.

We decided to catch up with T.S to talk everything from her album, to her nomination, as well as how she juggles from being the Queen of Soul Music to an everyday family woman. She also spoke about the struggle of switching from a law career to the music industry. T.S also acknowledged the financial struggles and instability that come with the fame of the music industry, especially with the lack of activity due to the lockdown.

Watch the full interview on Kas’lam TV’s IGTV.

Kas’lam TV’s T. Rapz Interviews T.S on Instagram TV

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