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One cannot mention social media in South Africa without mentioning LaSizwe. An online personality of prominence, prestige and popularity. He embodies what self-made constitutes, and has redefined the rules of fame and success. Some see a simple smartphone; he sees a powerful tool with unlimited capabilities to concur the world. His ingenious lies in his unconventional perception of life and its intricacies, self Cav is what drives this impeccable individual who it truly determined to go beyond the norm.

We caught up with this internet sensation who has risen from deep within the complex coding of Social Media and shot straight into stardom. As usual, T.Rapz and Bobo M got to chill with Lasizwe to exclusively divulge the wholesome journey of this incredible and fearless Youngman, as well as chat about his drive for personal success.

How would you describe the environment you come from in your Kasi? Well, Azania (radio personality), was my neighbour growing up, so you could say I grew up in a cool inspirational environment.

How would you describe your career if one were to ask what you do, and has this always been your career choice from a young age? From a young age I knew that I wanted to be in the Entertainment Industry. So, I’d go for auditions in acting and presenting and I’d get cold calls. So, I decided to do my own thing by making video snippets and posting them online and from there on things picked up. What am I? I’m an all-around entertainer.

What type of Influence would you like to put into the game? I’d like to influence people in the notion of “you can do it on your own” as long as you have your phone, relevant resources, determination, the right attitude, and the right people on your side… you will make it.

How would you motivate someone who wants to be in the position you are in? You have to invest in yourself by mastering your craft and enriching your knowledge before you allow your investment to pay off because it’s all about spending and getting back. It’s all about “Self Cav” knowing yourself, understanding your self-worth, power and might.

For someone sitting at home, would you elaborate for them in terms of “Self cav”? Well you have to go out there and taste everything so you can know what you like and what you don’t like. I have done literally everything from acting to presenting, radio to music and I know now what tastes better for me.

How did working at Touch HD come about? I just went for a regular interview as LaSizwe and while I was there I flipped the script and took over the show. The station manager was listening and they asked me to fill in a slot of one of the presenters who had gone Overseas, and then they called me back saying they’ve got an open slot for me. That’s how I started working there.

Which of your videos would you say was influential? The DOOM video was my favourite and one of my most successful videos, it even got featured in a commercial.

What do you think of the current state of the entertainment industry? I could definitely say it is growing and that it is opening up its doors for everyone, just to add on I’d like to say that, we are a generation of new content, talent and skills. Gradually we are getting to that Hollywood status.

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