This is how I break rules all the time – Stilo Magolide

In 2017, he dropped his lead single to his debut album Tropiican Jig. The single called Sefolosha is inspired by South African NBA Player Thabo Sefolosha and has received astounding appraisals from the hip hop landscape. The album, which subsequently dropped on the 8th October debuted no.3 on the charts. Stilo Magolide has just released the second single off Tropicana Jiiig, called YASHO, which has been touted by many as an anthem for the streets.

Stilo has always kept the streets buzzing beyond his TV exploits, fashion and pop culture influence. Stilo forms part of one of SA’s most high-profiled hip-hop acts, known as BoyznBucks, together with the likes of Riky Rick. He is by far one of the few individuals who possesses “That Thing, a unique ability to shape how we view South African pop culture and its current musical sound.

In 2010, under the alias Choclate, Stilo Magolide made his television debut as part of the Cream Cartel team on Vuzu. The reality show became a prominent influence for the urban market and organically became the springboard for his work in fashion. His streetwear label W.A.T.E.R was launched in 2011 and has since gained popularity with the likes of Nigerian powerhouse rapper Ice Prince adorning his apparel in the revered music video of The N Word as well as legendary Nigerian rapper Naeto C for the Chanel O Music Video Awards 2013. In the past years we have seen Magolide prove that he too is a formidable force to be reckoned with, elevating his music career and industry presence by miles. He took giant steps which saw him collaborate with the likes of Hip-Hip extraordinaire “Nasty C” amongst others. 

As usual, we exclusively invited the ever eccentric Stilo Magolide to come have a chat with us at the Kas’lam Headquarters to talk about his unique sense of fashion, style and music.

From which Kasi are you from? I’m from the South of Johannesburg, representing the whole South scene and the extended family, South West.

So, tell us where journey in the entertainment scene begin? My journey in artistry started with my first T.V appearance when I was 5 years old in Lira’s music video. And ever since I never looked back.

In terms of your music, how did you get your break? Music started off as a hobby, decided to take it seriously through a bet I won with my ex-girlfriend. We were watching a music video and I said;’’ I could do better and she said if you can do better, then do it’’ and that was it.

what can we expect from you? A lot of videos which will be a minimum of 4 videos a month, play with other kids. And just greener pastures.

Hip-hop has evolved in terms of sound and bars. What influence are you bringing? I’m the pioneer of diversifying your sound, bringing in different elements and crossing genres, more than anything not stepping into the traditional format of doing things like rhyming.

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