TNS Talks about his journey and Prince Kaybee drama

One of the most beautiful things you can ever witness in life is the start of a new journey, the dawn of a new era and the birth of a star. There is no doubt that Nkazimulo “TNS” Ngema harbours great potential, and is a rare breed that vividly come into sight once in a while like an eclipse.  

Not only has he produced and co-produced two of the biggest songs in 2018 on Prince Kaybee’s project, he is the hit maker behind chart toping hit single “My Dali” featuring Indlovukazi.

TNS has surprised a lot of people by how quickly he elevates and how talented he is. This incredible 18-year-old has worked with some of the best in S.A such as Tira, and could soon to become a G.O.A.T in the music and entertainment industry.

We set down to chat with the DJ, Producer and Singer – TNS about his journey in this tough sphere.

Take us back to how it all started?

Well, I grew up without both parents and was raised by my grandparents who were pastors and automatically I was heavily involved in church. At the tender age of 8 years old I was already singing in church and participating in a lot, particularly in music.

Officially and professionally, I started my music career in 2010 when I moved from Mandeni to Durban. I started picturing myself releasing an album, playing on radio and touring, but I first had to learn and teach myself how to produce.

How do you feel about “My dali”?

To tell you the truth, I’m extremely excited because I finally have something that I can officially say is mine. A year ago, I was making music and producing for other people which was a great starting point but it just didn’t fulfil my desire.

What inspired the song “My Dali”, and how was the atmosphere at the time?

This is actually an old song I did around March in 2018 because I produce a lot of tracks and let them simmer in my library of music. I chose it out of over 100 songs because I operate with my gut feeling and Indlovukazi was the perfect fit for the sound I was going for.

Music video?

I’m done shooting, the music video is dropping on Friday (8 March 2019) and will premiere on MTV base and other channels on Monday. All I can say about it is that it’s Lit, yashaya kakhulu and it’s a beautiful concept. It will also be available on Youtube.

Prince Kaybee issued a statement saying he invested in you and you turned against him. According to the allegations, he claims that he used to feed you, clothe you, gave you a place to say and a car. What do you have to say about that?

To be honest, there’s nothing that he invested in me. Yes, he did call me to come and stay with him but I had a place to stay before then. Although I don’t want to go deep into the matter, from the beginning I sensed that something was just not right. The energy around Prince Kaybee kept signalling red flags throughout our relationship and I ended up finding myself having to complain about my contribution. This was clearly a dodgy manner of doing business. The thing about well established artists is that they will make you feel small so to gain control over you and of your talent.

After that whole Prince Kaybee drama, who did you sign under?

I decided to go independently under my own lable and partnered with Charlie Communications who are treating me well and we don’t have any miscommunications. They manage my career well and have great expertise that are beneficial to my career.

after this, what’s next?

After this I’ve got another Single ready to drop and I’m dropping my album in September (2019) this year. The goal is to have a Song of the year under my own name this time.

As a label I already have an artist under my wing but I plan to focus on TNS for this year and push my own brand. However, I plan on signing a lot of talented youngsters out there and I’m willing to teach them the ins and outs of the music industry so they are not taken advantage of like me.

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