Tresor Taking African Music Global.

So what brings you to South Africa?

I’m in and out, I just published a new album called NEW STYLE GEN. I collaborated with South African artists like The Soil, Msaki, AKA and Stivovo. This is home man; I mean this is home.

What can we expect from the album in terms of sound and delivery?

The album is very pan African sound and I really wanted music that grabbed the listener’s attention. I wanted to create something amazing, something that represents the sound of my childhood. It’s funky, groovy and emotional. It’s a lot of colours but it is really beautiful, you got to try it. It is my favourite album that I made so far.

Going forward, what more can we expect?

I mean thank you. I’m really grateful that God helped us to release the wonderful work that we released. Also grateful for the journey to Europe, connecting with other artist globally and also pushing boundaries for African music. I will be taking African music globally.

What does it take for one to push boundaries and cross boarders and into the African market, as well as globally?

For me it’s all about being unique, being bold and most importantly just finding your true identity and just having the courage to be able to package everything beautifully. For me as an artist it really takes courage to say “man have fun with life”. We must have fun because we live once and we are all going to die. No one will care, so, have fun and stay truthful to yourself.

And if you have a special message you like to say to your fans across the world, what would you say?

Man I’m grateful to get to do what I do for a living and I would like to thank them for supporting my music. Whether you from Japan, Korea, South Africa, Congo or Nigeria. And I hope you guys enjoy New Style Gen and I think there will be lots of exciting things that are going to happen throughout the year, so, people should look out.

Thank you man for joining us and we wish all the best throughout the year. Hope the album will be dope.

Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy the album.

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