Why I prefer being Underrated than overrated │Prince Kaybee

Where do you come from and how is it like ekasilakho? I don’t like mentioning which specific town because I feel like I represent The whole province, I come from the Free-State. The other reason is that I’ve been moving around, so a lot of towns in the Free-State have this sense of entitlement to me.
I was born in Senegal, I then moved to Botshabelo, thereafter I moved to Bloemfontein. I lived most of my life in Welkom, that’s where I did my primary and high school years and then I moved back to Bloemfontein and that’s where my hustle began.
When you did “Charlotte”, It was very hard to see how you going to come back with something much stronger, because “Charlotte” took over, it was one of the biggest songs we have ever seen in house music. You then released “Club Controller”. How did this song come about and what inspired the collaborations?
At the beginning of your question, you mentioned that you didn’t see me coming back with a song stronger than “Charlotte”. The mind-set of the South African public has always been like that, after I released wajelwa and better days …Some said “We don’t see him coming back with another one”. Then I released “Charlotte” then “Club Controller”, so it has always been like that. It has always been my thing, I love the challenge, It’s beautiful. Coming back to your main question. “Club Controller” was created back in June 2017, I sent the song to a guy named TNS and to LaSoul Mates to adequately give it a Gqom flavour, we tinkered with the song, sending it back and forth amongst each other and somewhere along-the-line the song got leaked and the instrumental version became public property. In fact, I was at a festival and to my surprise DJ-Tira played this song. I approached him to ask him where he got this song, when I took a look at the title of the song, It looked like an audio file sent from Whatsapp and he then told me he got the song from someone who had sent it to him on Whatsapp.
I then went back to the guys to ask who leaked the song and apparently someone sent it to her girlfriend who sent it to someone and that’s how it went viral and blew up in December long before its release date. I then had to release the song for damage control purposes.
how has the response been, Ever since the official release? The response of the official release is tricky because people were more attached to the instrumental version of the song in December 2017 but as soon as we dropped the official release with vocals, we had a bit of a struggle for people to get to know the song but eventually the masses caught on and now everyone sings along to the song.
How did the collaborations come about? I sent the song to Tns and LaSoul Mates, We’ve never been in studio together before, so we kept sending the song back and forth to each other after adding a few things individually which is a norm for producers if we live far apart from one another. We finally went in studio to record the vocals of the song that’s where we teamed up with Zanda (Female vocalist), who did an incredible job, as we’ve witnessed kids are also singing along to it as well.
Would you say Prince Kaybee is underrated? Yes, I happen to like that title because I always prove myself to people worthy, so I would say I am underrated but not in a bad way because I don’t want to be the country’s top artist, I just want people to enjoy the music, I want them to think about the music when they think about Prince Kaybee. I don’t want to be confused with the hype because overrated artists are consumed by hype which results in losing focus, you hit the ceiling and become stagnant. I do feel like I’m underrated but the numbers reflect quite the opposite and that’s what I care about, the numbers and the music.
We played a little game with Prince Kaybee called crazy Q.
Which SA female celebrity would you prefer to be your side chick between:
Minnie Dhlamini
Kelly Khumalo
Bonang Matheba
Minnie Dhlamini
Lol … Personally I wouldn’t go for any of them, but for the sake of the game I would say Mini.
Which car brand would you say is your favourite between:
Mercedes Benz
I hate BMW, I hate that car. I love both VW and Mercedes, I grew around a VW environment, its generally a black car and I’m attached to it. But if I had to choose I would choose Mercedes.
Which genre of music do you play most at home:
Hip Hop
I listen to a bit of Hip Hop but House and RnB are what I listen to most of the time.
Favourite social network between:
I hate Twitter lol …I love Instagram a lot. I love visuals, I like taking pictures and videos a lot.
For someone out there, who just started, trying to blow up, what would your advice be as Prince Kaybee who is already succeeding in the game? You see, Authi yaka, There’s no rule book, the only thing you can do for yourself is stay original, do not compete with anyone and remember that God is everything.

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