Why your Brows aren’t on Fleek │ Tips by Precious Mcjane

how eyebrows are done today is different from how they used to be done back in the day, I believe people should consider changing the way they draw their eyebrows because they attract so much attention especially when you have your makeup done.

In the 90s people used black Pencil and they drew 1 tiny lines but now that’s a thing of the past. I encourage people to use a brown pencil and refrain from drawing the infamous tiny line, and to halt shaving all their natural eyebrows because when you don’t have your make-up on, that look on your face isn’t a good look. We always hear comments from guys about how ugly we look without our make-up; it is because of this particular reason.

“Eyebrows on fleek” might look difficult to draw but once you have everything you need and keep on practicing you will get it right, Eventually.

Brown pencil, angle Brush, eyebrow brush and Concealer are the important things one need to have to design their “Eyebrows on fleek” Draw two lines horizontally, have your natural eyebrows in-between then blend up and down using your eyebrow brush, then use your angle brush horizontally under your drawn eyebrows to even up, after doing all this blend your concealer properly using a wedge or Sponge but doing all of this alone, especially on your first time might be difficult, so I advise that you check out my Social media pages or contact me for Tutorials. Thank you.

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