Zai Maya: Too many people come in to this industry and they believe their own hype.

Some may know her as the amazing Yfm Dj with the sexiest voice on radio. She’s the most popular female DJ in Ekurhuleni (East Rand) and is one of the most popular thriving female Dj’s who are gunning for the throne in South Africa. Zai Maya possess incredible talent, humility and drive for success, and there’s no stopping her. We invited this sassy personality to come chill with us at our headquarters to talk about her journey and future plans.

Tell us about how Zai Maya emerged.

Basically, what I initially wanted to do was become a performing artist when I was growing up, due to certain issues I decided that it wasn’t for me. After school I ventured into the corporate world, and in the year 2010 I decided that this wasn’t for me. I then enrolled at SoulCandy and later graduated. 5 days later I had my first gig at Capital in Rosebank, and as they say the rest is history lol, she giggles.

What attributed to you becoming a house hold name and a successful radio Dj as Yfm? I think it was God first of all, I harassed that man with prayer.Secondly, one thing I’m proud of is that my work speaks for itself. No one can claim that I got there through special relation privileges or other relations, it is all hard work. Yfm was very impressed when I approached them about what I had to offer, I told them I’m a hip hop Dj and played a couple of sets and the rest just fell into place.

You actually studies Sound Engineering. What inspired the transition from sound engineer to radio presenter?

When I was 16, I got a very bad case of bronchitis and I was told I wouldn’t be able to sing anymore, so I thought to myself “what’s the next best thing I could do” and Sound Engineering was my choice which later lead me to this direction in life.

Tell us about your hustle, how has your journey been and how did you conquer the challenged that came with it?

When I came into the industry a lot of people that I thought were my Idols actually became my rivals. I thought they were going to appreciate my skill and put me on but I got the opposite reaction from a lot of the guys I looked up to. However, I later learned that it was just the competitive aspect of the industry. Also, because I’m a female, some would want something on the side and I wasn’t about to drop panties for validation.My advantage was that I was a good Hip Hop Dj and not

a lot of female DJ’s played Hip Hop at the time, some people were keen on giving me opportunities and open up platforms to showcase my skill.

What growth have you gained ever since joining YFM and what changes transpired in your personality?

You know… I grew up having everything I ever wanted to a point that I was very mean and arrogant, and did not care much about anything or anyone else. Although I could not relate to the struggle most people go through, I’m now more conscious of the fact that life is not the same for all of us which is why I now try and help whoever I can and wherever I can. Back then I was a bit of a spoiled brat and I had everything my way, but I’m now a much more matured and an even better person.

I have also gown in terms of the hustle aspect of things, I’ve learned which opportunities to take and which to avoid, as well as proper implementation. For someone who’s starting right now and would one day want to be in your position.

What would you say to them?

You need to start from the bottom, I spent a couple of years at Kasie FM before making it to Yfm. Number two, polish your skill and listen to advice, and thirdly, be humble. Too many people come in to this industry and they believe their own hype. Arrogance with shut doors in your face and will hinder you from growth.

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