All You Need to Know about Nosipho & What She Has In Store

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Nosipho, the former Idols SA contestant is still one of the fan favourites post the Idols competition itself.  Following the success of her debut single titled ‘Thembalami’, which topped charts on various radio stations and television music channels. Nosipho went on to follow it up with yet another hit for her fans titled ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’. 

She releasedDon’t Kill My Vibe’  back in April, just the country when on its first stage of the Lockdown. Believing that music is one of the most important elements to people through hard times, releasing the song was also her contribution in helping people get through this difficult phase.

We recently caught up with Nosipho on a Kas’lam TV IG live interview, to dig deeper on her journey and talk more about her career.

Firstly, since this is Kas’lam Mag. Tell about about your hood and how it was coming up in your hood?

My name is Nosipho, I’m 20 years old. Born and bred in Ladysmith KZN, it’s basically a small farm town. It’s a town with a lot of massive talent, but very few opportunities. I’m the first of 6 children and the 4th of 30 grandchildren. Growing up in a big family is the best thing that’s ever happened to me because you find all types of people and when you go out to the real world it’s easier to socialize with different people.

Speaking of talent and opportunities, you shot your shot when you took your talent to the 14th season of the idols SA stage. Briefly take us through the journey.

Music has always been a part of my life. According to my Parents I could sing before I could speak, not sure how true that is lol. So yes, when the time came, I decided to take the opportunity to audition for the Idols Competition. I went there and I made it as far as the top 6, which was really insane and really unbelievable. I’m glad I went through that journey, because I received a lot of love and support from fans, friends and family.

Just about 5 months after your journey with Idols SA, you signed with Gallo Recording Company. How did that deal come about?

So, when we make it to the top 10 of the competition we sign with Gallo. So just after 5 months of the competition I was optioned by Gallo.

You then dropped the single ‘Thembalami’ which did pretty well. Take use through the process of making the song and the inspiration behind it.

Thembalami was inspired by love and hope, especially by the love and support I received from my family and Supporters. Beyond that, I made it for everyone who has love and hope for something or someone. It’s basically a song to celebrate love and hope in people’s life.

You followed Thembalami’ with ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, it sounds like you’re sending a specific message with that song. Who’s killing your vibe and what’s the real message behind the song?

You know, I get this question all the time lol. We’re basically taking from Thembalami’, which for a lot of people was a relationship / honeymoon phase / love song. So, taking from that. With Don’t Kill My Vibe’, I’m basically saying I still got you. Whichever space or relationship phase we’re in it’s still love and I got you. So, its about keeping the good vibes.

Before the lockdown, you were actually planning on dropping an EP and also planning to follow it up with an album. However, the Lock-Down did mess up the plan. Seeing that things seem to be easing up a bit, should we expect anything from you anytime soon?

I have actually been using this time to actually write more songs and I am still working on the EP. I’m really hoping I can get into studio very soon, with thew hopes of being able to travel very soon. It’s a bit tricky for me because I also have my Matric exams to focus on, this year is just a lot for me. I can’t say exactly when I’ll be dropping the EP or an album, but I’d like for people to stay tuned because it’s definitely coming.

How have you actually been managing with the Lockdown?

Music is my happy place and it gets me through a lot, music is my source of happy. So, I have been listening to music, writing music and just channelling some good vibes. I also have been equally focusing on my school work as well. This phase has also given me the opportunity to ground my thoughts and figure out what I really want to do with my life after I finish my Matric, so it hasn’t been all bad.

Watch the full interview on IG Live below, as we went even deeper with the conversation with Nosipho. We covered more future plans with her music, her aspirations to open an academy that will provide opportunities to talented people who lack the proper channels. Also, get to find out what her immediate plan are as soon as she completes her Matric.

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