Bizzcuit talks Mission, Music Video & working with HHP

picture of Bizzcuit during Kaslam Mag interview

Bizzcuit is on a mission to take over the rap scene and it all starts with the release of ‘Mission’. Bizzcuit dropped her single ‘Mision’ late 2019, following the success of her previous single ‘Ka cool‘. We recently had a chat with her and she shared the story of her journey with us. Starting by being a fashionista, moving to poetry and eventually finding her way to Hip-Hop/Rap.

picture of Bizzcuit during Kaslam Mag interview

Bizzcuit began her journey by being an influential Fashionista in her township. Growing up in the streets of Tsakane, she and her group of friends began their journey in life by expressing their love for fashion. Starting out as a Poet, she later found her way to expressing her art through Rap. Her journey as a Rapper began with the release of her debut single titled ‘Stupid Flow’ Almost a decade ago.

Bizzcuit (Kaslam Mag) 2
Bizzcuit with Kas’lam Mag’s DOP (Nkuli)

Since then, Bizzcuit has made a name for herself including working with the likes of AKA & the late HHP. She continues with her mission of taking over the Rap game, including the release of her latest music video for her single ‘Mission’. Watch the Kas’lam TV interview below as we cover, as we cover everything about her career, from beginning to now.

T. Rapz interviews Bizzcuit for Kas’lam TV @ Universal Music

You can Also check out some of the interview on Kas’lam Magazine Instagram TV.

Check out the music video for Bizzcuit’s latest single titled ‘Mission’

Music Video for ‘Mission’ by Bizzcuit

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