Nosipho Don't kill my vibe (Artwork)

Following the success of her debut single titled “Thembalami” which topped charts throughout the summer on South African radio stations and television music channels, Nosipho has released yet another hit for her fans titled “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. Not deterred by the countries state of Isolation, Nosipho is using music to keep her fans entertained and dancing at home. “Don’t Kill My Vibe” was released on Friday the 3rd of April 2020 and is available on all digital platforms.

Truly staying in her own lane, Nosipho’s sound is a fusion of current pop music with traditional African elements that embrace different cultures across Africa.  The single is sure to hit Africa by storm. “Excited is an understatement. I really can’t wait for everyone to vibe to the song during this lockdown. It’s all about good vibes and I feel it’s what we need right now, – Some positivity”, says Nosipho.

In light of the Corona epidemic that the country is facing Nosipho will be promoting her single digitally and connecting with her fans through telephonic radio interviews and social media.

So we also caught up with nosipho for a brief interview, check out the interview below.

Nosipho (picture) - Kas'lam Mag

Firstly, since this is Kas’lam Mag. Briefly tell about about your hood and how it was coming up in your hood? 

My name is Nosipho , I’m 19 years old . Born and bred in Ladysmith KZN. I’m the first of 6 children and the 4th of 30 grandchildren. Growing up in a big family is the best thing that’s ever happened to me because you find all types of people and when you go out to the real world it’s easier to socialize with different people.

When did you first realise your dream as a musician?

I was born in a musical family, my grandmother has the best voice to date. So music has always been a part of my life, a bit of school choirs, then I started making covers on YouTube and Instagram. I wrote my first song titled “believe in yourself“ at the age of 10 which I performed on YoTV.

What would you say are some of the most valuable lessons you took from your Idols experience?

To be kind and patient with myself, things may not go as we always wish or expect them to and that giving up is not an option. It taught me to focus on finding solutions and not dwell on the challenges.

How soon after your exit on Idols did you secure your deal with Gallo and how did that come about?

5 months later I received the exciting news via email that Gallo Records was exercising their right to option me as their artist as we had signed a contract when we made it to the top 10 on idols.

How are you managing juggling between your music career and High School?

Both are as important to me therefore I make time during the week to push as much as I possibly can and leave space for music during the weekend.

With the success of your first single ‘Thembalami’ and now the release of your second single ‘Don’t kill my vibe’, should we be expecting a full length project/album soon?

The initial idea was to release an EP half way through the year or an album toward the end but with the issue we are facing globally plans have changed but definitely a follow up single is in the pot.

With the current global pandemic and the nation on Lockdown, What words do you have for your fans and the rest of the nation?

We are not defined by the challenges we face but how we handle them. Facing the issue of a worldwide pandemic does not mean we should stop believing in ourselves and our dreams and our government. Which is why I released this song during this period.

How are you spending your time during this lockdown?

I am keeping in a positive space through prayer and music, for me this is not a holiday because I am matriculating and we receive school work online, in between I take time to write more music.

Any last words?

Thanks to all my supporters for believing in me and my talent, for downloading and streaming my music. Let’s continue to grow together. I love them ❤

Nosipho (picture)

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