DUDUMAH brings a New Authentic Feel to Jazz & Soul Music

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Dudumah just brought a fresh feel to the South African Jazz / Soul scene, with the drop of her single ‘Uyakhal’umntwana’. “The song is a story narrative of how I grew up and everything I observed while growing up.” Says Dudumah, who worked with the brilliant producer and sound engineer Sthembiso Twala on the song.

The song is a 3 stage / part narrative of a journey which starts from a humble upspringing with it’s struggles and burdens, to eventually seeing the light of a breakthrough or success. The song is inspired by the fact that even if you grew up struggling with severe poverty, that doesn’t define or limit your abilities in anyway. There’s always a chance and a way to success if you work hard enough in peruit of your dreams

The drop release of this song marks the first official single by Dudumah. The Cape Town born and bred musician with a soothing, electrifying sentimental voice embarks on a journey to pursue her solo music in the hustle gates of Johannesburg. She mainly covers Afro Soul & Jazz, however due to her proficient voice range and versatility you cannot impede her. She’s also recently worked on DJ Ganyani’s up-coming single and a few more house collaborations on the way.

Her passion for music began as early as 7 years old when she was granted an opportunity to lead a Sunday school song from church and that is when the talent was spotted. She has been singing since then, in local choirs and performing around Cape Town.

The songstress longed to study music fulltime after matric. However, due to fear of parents regarding the music industry and financial stability, she ended up completing a BCOM Finance at UWC and Compliance Management at UCT.  September 2018, she was then moved to Johannesburg by her employer and that is when she finally saw a window to shoot her shot.

She immediately got herself in studio as soon as she arrived in Johannesburg, however her first few songs didn’t come out as well as she would’ve like due to poor production. She then instead decided to go with the live performances route while she engages people in the industry to find the right producers to work with. She has been performing in intimate spaces around Johannesburg like Maboneng Afro Bru, New town and more.

All of that worked well for her as it was preparation for her to find herself getting in studio soon. When she did finally find the right producer to work with in Sthembiso Twala, she didn’t hesitate to give life to her first official single ‘Uyakhal’umntwana’. The song dropped 05 June 2020 and has since elevated her to new heights.

Watch our Kas’lam TV Insta Live interview with Dudumah below.

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