Galectik Is A Different Breed Of An Entertainer

image of Galectik - Tshepo Le Gladys

The Rapper, Singer, Songwriter & Producer Galectik has proved to be a different breed of an Entertainer. Well know for his Tshepo Le Gladys skits, Galectik has taken the urban entertainment movement to a whole new level. With what started as Just a promo freestyle, Galectik has taken the ‘Tshepo Le Gladys’ skits to a whole new level.

The Tshepo Le Gladys skits might have elevated Galectik to new levels of popularity however, you cannot only box him to that. The Pretoria bred Artist is an all-round musician who carries a wide versatility to his music catalog. Proof of that, is his latest contribution to Kwiish SA‘s new AmaPiano single titled Chomi Ya Bana.

Amapiano Hit maker Kwiish teamed up with Galectik to bring new music which is set to keep South Africa warm during the second half of 2020. This collaboration is representative of South Africa’s vast pool of talent whereas young people are concerned. Although we’re still on Lock-down, ‘Chomi Ya Bana’ will be a great addition to the weekend playlist and is promised to create festivities to everyone who will hear it.

We decided to catch up with Galectik on Kas’lam TV‘s IG Live for a more in-depth on his journey so far. Our very own T. Rapz had a chat with the Tshepo Le Gladys skit-maker. Talking about his social media beaming, Galectik explained how he came up with his Tshepo Le Gladys story-line.

“At first I was actually looking to do a freestyle remix on a Hip-Hop song However, I couldn’t find a local Hip-Hop song that was charting at that time. So I decided to do a freestyle for the Shesha Geza track, which was trending at the time. I decided I might as well do a promo video for it and the video unexpectedly went viral. With the reception I received from that freestyle, I decided to make it a continues thing and that was the birth of the Tshepo Le Gladys characters” – said Galectik.

Check out the full interview on our IG TV below.

Check out Kwiish SA’s new single featuring Galectik himself titled Chomi Ya Bana.

Song by Kwiish featuring GalectikChomi Ya Bana

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