Holly Rey Drops New Music & Talks About The Music Biz in 2021

Holly Rey Teams up with Mr Luu & MSK to deliver her latest single titled ‘Spend My Time. The Record of The Year winner, Multi-Platinum Selling, Multi Award Winning South African Artist, Holly Rey is back at it again working on a new EP and this is the first offering to come from the up-coming project.

Latest Single by Holly Rey

We caught up with Holly Rey on Kas’lam Live to talk more about her journey leading up to her latest work and what she has coming up for the year 2021. Also get to find out who she would go for given the options between Sizwe and Maps lol.

Holly Rey Interview on Kas’lam TV

Holly Rey is one of those Artists who are developing the reputation of having a hit that will dominate the airwaves throughout the year, as she’s done it for the past couple of years. It all started when she became the first woman to win the SAMA ‘Record of the Year‘ award in 20 Years with her single ‘Deeper’ at the 25th annual South African Music Awards.

Holly Rey’s dominance didn’t just end there. The Afro-electro house Artist released her single ‘You’ in 2019, which picked up from where ‘Deeper’ left off. She followed up the single ‘You’ with an 8 track EP also tiled ‘You’. With the release of the EP, she continued her dominance on the Airwaves as well as the dance floors. She also went in for the running for the #SAMA26 Record of The Year Award, though she didn’t win it this time around.

Holly Rey also speaks on the struggles that came with being an Independent Record label owner during this Covid-19 era. Although it has been a major challenge, she says it has changed how she approaches the making and releaser of her music / content and has had to be more creative and innovative. “Everything has dropped from streaming numbers to downloads and most significantly performances, so I think we’re going to have to be more innovative and come up with new ideas”.

She also adds that she’s been working on Eps instead of albums because the lockdown era has shifted the rate and consumption of music. “I just think at the moment people are so hungry for content at a faster rate because of the whole COVID situation, new albums are getting released every week and they die down just as quickly”.

Although she made her big blow up in 2018, Holly Rey has been in the industry since the age of 14. She’s gone on to learn a lot about the industry and established herself as a Record label Exec as she owns her own label, Rey Music. With the knowledge she has, she also got to school us on the talks of Music Royalties, what is meant when they speak on Royalties and how they are split between Performing Artists, writers, composers and labels.

Part of our show (Podcast) with Kas’lam Live is that we get to ask our guests random questions that come from our viewers. We asked Holy Rey who she would choose between Sizwe and Maps and this is what she had to say. “This is so awkward because my friend has dated one of them…” WATCH IT ON KAS’LAM TV TO HEAR THE REST

Kas’lam Live Episode with Holly Rey

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