House of BNG, a leading MCC brand in South Africa, is excited to announce that it will continue its partnership with the prestigious Miss South Africa pageant.

This collaboration coincides with the launch of an exciting reality series called “Crown Chasers.” The series features Bonang Matheba, the owner of House of BNG, as a resident judge. The show, which consists of five episodes, will premiere on SABC 3 this Sunday, July 9th, at 4 pm.

Since it started in 2019, House of BNG has become well-known for its luxurious beverages, associated with elegance, sophistication, and glamour. Their sparkling wines are now a staple at high-end events and entertainment gatherings across the country.

Bonang Matheba, the founder and owner of House of BNG, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “The Miss South Africa pageant is one of my favorite events in South Africa. I always support platforms that uplift and empower women in our country. Partnering with Miss SA for the fifth time this year was an easy decision for House of BNG because we share a common vision of empowering women. We are incredibly excited to be part of the pageant and ready to support all the contestants. Cheers to another thrilling year, celebrating our winners with House of BNG.”

The reality series “Crown Chasers” will follow the journey of aspiring beauty queens as they undergo intensive training, mentorship, and preparation for the prestigious Miss South Africa pageant. Bonang Matheba and the other judges will provide valuable guidance and share their experience to support and empower the contestants.

Miss SA 2023 Crown Chasers Season 2- Episode 1 first 7 Minutes

“We are delighted to partner with Bonang Matheba and House of BNG on this groundbreaking venture,” said Stephanie Weil, Miss South Africa’s representative. “Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering women and celebrating diversity. With their involvement, we believe the reality show will set a new standard for beauty pageants in South Africa and be a great success.”

The grand finale of the Miss South Africa pageant will take place on Sunday, August 13th, at Sun International’s SunBetArena in Pretoria. The exciting live show will be broadcast on SABC3, promising an evening filled with entertainment and excitement.

House of BNG and Bonang Matheba’s partnership with Miss South Africa reaffirms their dedication to uplifting and empowering women, while making a significant impact on the South African entertainment industry.

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