Idols SA season 17 first Eight of the Top 16 Finalists named

Image of Idols SA Judges

Idols SA season 17 theatre week has ended and the cream has risen to the top. This past Sunday, viewers saw the first of a two-part episode in which the judges concluded their job of choosing the first eight of the top 16 finalists.

It was a tense final judgment day for the 30 remaining Idols SA season 17 hopefuls, who delivered their final solo auditions in front of a carefully selected audience. “The final audition was tough on the contestants and we had to eliminate some very good singers.  Their only downfall was buckling under the pressure of the competition. Selecting the top 16 was a brutal affair, but we have selected an exceptional group of singers and they have set a very high standard for themselves,” Said Randall Abrahams.

The first to make it to the top 16 (of Idols SA season 17 ) was 18-year-old Bulelani, who had sailed through his first two theatre week performances. The judges were impressed with his rendition of ‘247’ by Mnqobi Yazo.

Kevin also made the cut after performing Giveon’s ‘Stuck on You’. The 28-year-old had consistently impressed the judges throughout the audition rounds and his final solo audition lived up to their high expectations. “You owned it, you set the tone, you set the bar high and you killed it” said Unathi.

Karabo was next to make it to the top 16. The 21-year-old first auditioned for the first time five seasons ago but walked away without a golden ticket. This year a more confident Karabo returned, impressing the judges with her rich and bold voice throughout the audition rounds. She secured her spot with a soulful performance of Amu Faku’s ‘Lala Ngoxolo’. Randall Abrahams remarked that she was the undercover performer of the season.

Misty who is one of the oldest contestants has one last chance to make her Idols dream come true. She got one-step closer to making that dream a reality after her performance of Black Coffee’s ‘Ready for you.’ The judges stated that she was improving with each round. Joining Misty was 30-year-old Berry who also has one last shot at Idols SA stardom signing Zendaya’s ‘Neverland’.

Also in the top 16 is Monique, who celebrated her 21st birthday with a golden ticket and balloon drop. Her final audition performance of Rowlene’s ‘Hypnotise’ paved her way to the live shows.

 Siya Motloung and Sia Mzizi, concluded the first eight finalists of the top 16. 21-year-old Siya Motloung had brought one of the judges to tears during his first audition, but then stumbled through theatre week. He however redeemed himself with his rendition of Blaq Diamond’s ‘Sthandwa’. 20-year-old Sia Mzizi also had a shaky theatre week. He, during his final solo audition had the judges dancing along his tune as he sang Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’. A hyped up Unathi said if Idols was a performance, he was it.

Viewers can expect another tense episode this Sunday as the last eight contestants of the Idols top 16 are announced.

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