Idols SA Star Sneziey Continues to Shine With New Single ‘Izulu’

Image of sneizy

Idols SA 2019 runner-up ‘Sneziey’ is swiftly claiming her place within the South African gospel music scene. Following the release of her album titled ‘Izulu’ in November 2020, Sneziey releases yet another hit, with same name as her album ‘Izulu’.

Her album shot straight to number one on its day of release and the actual single ‘Izulu’ has already garnered over   232 350 views over it’s very first weekend since release.

‘Izulu’ pays homage to traditional gospel music and is set to soon become one of the biggest gospel songs on radio.  Sneziey has received massive support from stations such as Umhlobo Wenene, Ligwalagwala, Kaya Fm, Power Fm, Tru Fm and other radio stations across the country in its first week of release.  

Sneziey mentions that her inspiration behind the song is God’s love and protection over her life, “It’s been amazing, and writing the song was just me looking back at how much of an overprotective parent God is over me”.

She continues, “God’s blessings are for me despite my mistakes and sometimes how unworthy I might be, and I can never comprehend and understand who I really am in Christ and in his eyes”.

The message that Sneziey wants to share in the song ‘Izulu’ is that you must never give up on God; he sees and cares about you even in situations when you feel that he is silent, yet he is preparing you for a time where you’ll actually ask yourself “kanti bengingubani ngithandwa kangaka”.

This is truly the beginning of an incredible journey for Sneziey with ‘Izulu’.

Sneziey gets her inspiration from her amazing grandmother, who has supported her every step of the way in her career. She is no stranger to the music industry, from being a backing vocalist to many famous artists to now being a full-time artist with her own projects. In 2019, “Sneziey” she took a leap of faith and entered Idols SA where she was the second run up. That step took her career to greater heights where she now has an album and she is currently signed to Gallo Record Company

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