Intaba YaseDubai: From Almost Quitting Music To Imali Eningi

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Intaba YaseDubai seemed to have surfaced from nowhere, to help Big Zulu deliver one of the biggest songs of the year 2020. For most were only introduced to Intaba YaseDubai through his feature on Big Zulu’s ‘imali eningi’ hit single however, as Kas’lam Magazine we had a chill with him to find out more about his incredible journey.

Intaba Yase Dubai Interview – Kas’lam Live

Now signed under Ambitiouz Ent, Dubai was on the verge quitting music before the breakout of ‘imali eningi’ alongside Big Zulu & Riky Rick.Imali eningi’ was originally Dubai’s song which was heard and loved by Big Zulu, who then convinced Intaba YaseDubai to work on the song with him and to Dubai’s surprise, Zulu also hooked up Riky Rick to Jump in on the song.

Soon after the song was released, Dubai received a surprise phone call from Ambitiouz Ent with the news that they’d love to have him on their team / label. Just like that, Intaba YaseDubai went from almost quitting to being one of the biggest breakout Artists of 2020. Dubai hopes his life story will inspire others to keep working towards reaching their goals and ignore all the trials and tribulations that may come their way.

Image Of Intaba YaseDubai

Since he started music in high school, people took time to adjust to his unique voice and the type of music he did. His stage performances would be cut short because he would either get kicked out or the audience would not show any reaction. As a hustling artist, Dubai would have only one song per year because of not having money to record often.

He travelled around the country performing for free so that he could get exposure. Feedback he got every time he attended auditions would be “Find something else to do because you cannot sing.” All those dark times did not discourage him, instead he pushed and worked harder to advance his career. His patience and persistence paid off as people finally got to love what he does.

Bringing a unique style of music into the music scene is a rare thing to do and getting people to fall in love with it is not an easy task. Real name(s) Lindokuhle Msomi, Dubai has a lot to share regarding his music and how he had work twice as hard than other fellow artists. The tribal trapper (Fusion of Maskandi and Hip Hop with a touch of gospel & Afro-pop beats) from Mthandeni Kwa Maphumulo has finally broke through the industry to bring us something different & fresh!

Intaba YaseDubai has since followed up his breakout with the release of his debut single under Ambitiouz Ent titledSbali’. The song is already dominating on TV and the airwaves setting Dubai up for a very good year (2021) ahead of him, to which he says he is already working on an album.

As a person who has gone through a few rough patches, the 25-year-old writes about his life experiences and the things that happen around the world just to show people that everyone goes through rough times in life.

On his Kas’lam TV interview (hosted by T. Rapz), Intaba YaseDubai talks about how he got started in music to how he went to work with Big Zulu. Dubai states that he used to work at a Salon treating / styling dreadlocks, which is how he got to meet Big Zulu back in the days, who was one of his regular Salon clients.  He also talks about how he actually came up with his interesting name “Intaba YaseDubai”, WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW.

Kas’lam Live Episode with Intaba YaseDubai

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