Lucille Slade Scratches the RnB Surface

She came to light when we first heard an incredible and exquisite RnB rendition of AKA’s Award winning hit single “Baddest” which left us in awe. Yes, we have our eyes and ears on the streets and we are watching very closely. Not only does Lucille Slade possess a fresh sound, she is gifted with a voice so luring it will have monks and sages dancing to Sister Bettina if she sang it. T-Rapz got to chill with this beautiful, sexy and charismatic young woman who will soon take her rightful place on the throne.

Where did your musical Journey start? Yoh! I’ve been at it for a very long time, literally since pre-school. Besides school, music is that one thing that always stuck out as something that I need to continue perusing. I even went to study it at university and graduated with a degree in live performance, it’s been a long journey and it’s always been really clear that music is where I’ve been meant to go.

You’re currently signed under ‘Boom Studio’, how did that move come about? I had entered a competition back home in Kimberly, that’s after graduating. So one of the judges of the competition introduced me to Dave and from then on we formed a relationship, it so happened that he was starting a label and I he wanted me to come on as one of his Artists.

As an RnB Artist in South Africa, are you not afraid that RnB hasn’t seemed to have taken off yet? As we’ve seen most RnB Artists in the country either fade out or end up switching to Afro-Pop. No! Because I feel like there’s a new wave coming. You have people like ‘KLY’ who’s signed to ‘Ambitious Ent’ and his RnB is like new age, then you have Shekhinah who’s more urban RnB. I’m not trying to stay old school I think with the new music we’re going to be working on it’s going to be more urban, with elements of good old music. I think just like Hip-Hop had its struggle for a long time, I feel like we’re getting closer.

You currently have an album out titled ‘Scratch the surface’, tell us more about that. The album is a 10 track album and one of the songs is a cover. I worked with a lot of friends, it’s just people I got to know as I was navigating the world of music and I did most of the writing myself. Right now we’re currently pushing the second single titled ‘Touch you’, it’s got a video out as well so people can check that out on YouTube.

As your career grows, what type of influence would you like to bring in the industry? Right now I just I wanna get the music out there and get RnB music moving, so that someone else out there feels like they don’t have to change their sound to fit what everybody likes right now. I feel like everyone is so stuck in what they know and we’re not growing because we’re stagnant, so I’m hoping to break that boundary and then everybody else will hopefully jump to the RnB bandwagon and have it move and evolve.

Now in terms of your grind, what do you feel are the key elements that keep you going every day? I just feel like there’s no way I have been given what I have for no reason, so I can’t just ignore it. Every career has its own ups and downs, but I wasn’t given this gift I have for me to go and do something else.

Moving forward, what’s your next move? I’m excited because I’m working on new music and it’s sounding a lot closer to what I think I want to ultimately sound like and be known for.

Any last words? People should just look out for the rise of the females, it’s about time that the women in industry have as much influence. 

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