Malome Vector: Ready To Wave ‘Dumelang’ To The Global Stage

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Ambitiouz Ent in never short of Hit-Makers and Malome Vector is one of their latest additions. Only just moving from Lesotho to Jozi in early 2020, Malome Vector already has one for the biggest songs in the country with his latest single ‘Dumelang’.  He also features on Miss Pru’s latest single ‘Price to pay’, which is also one of the biggest singles of 2020.

Malome Vector has been repping his Sotho roots and making sure his presence is felt with the release of the music video for ‘Dumelang’. Having linked up with Blaq Diamond on Miss Pru’s latest hit single Price To Pay, Malome Vector called up the boys again to grace us with infectious verses on ‘Dumelang’. The music video is extremely pleasing to the eye and is definitely a must watch! Make sure you check out the ‘Dumelang’ music video below.

The 28yr old Star started his journey in 2004 at the tender age of 14. His affinity for song writing in a book he carried with him everywhere he went was inspiring, which saw him performing from a very young age. Years later still in pursuit of a bigger stage and one which could catapult him to the world, it was an easy decision to come to South Africa to realise his dreams. After the release of his single Ichu featuring Mega Hertz in 2019, he caught the attention of Ambitiouz Ent. One can only marvel at the idea of being head hunted by a record label.

He saw this as an easy move when Ambitiouz Entertainment’s team recognised his talent and signed him within months of discussions. The rapper, singer, song writer and producer has described his sound as a combination of Famo (contemporary Sesotho music, which features the accordion and oil can drum) fused with Afro Pop. He strongly believes in his versatile nature and does not want to be boxed to one genre. He draws his inspiration for song writing from everyday life experiences and things that happen in and around him and hopes his fans can be comforted or inspired by his lyrics.

Real names Bokang Moleli, Vector says music is more authentic if the people can understand and relate to what an artist is saying. “I believe most people don’t sing in Sesotho. That’s what I’m bringing a mix of famo and Afro pop. I’m already working with Blaq Diamond, and the combination sounds amazing. I plan to work more with other artists from different backgrounds and cultures so my music can be universal and diverse.”

We caught up with Malome Vector on a Kas’lam TV exclusive interview. The Superstar in the making has a story to tell and we are happy to bring it to you. Ready to deliver more music and already working on an album, Ambitiouz Ent invited us over to their headquarters to talk more about Vector’s journey. Watch the full Kas’lam TV interview below.


You left home (which is in Lesotho) to come to Jozi and pursue a career in music, that’s quite a risky and bold move. What was the mindset and thought process behind that?

I always had big dream and I had to come to Jozi to achieve them. Back at home we have less platforms and I want to make it big, hence I came to Jozi.

So, leaving Lesotho to come to Jozi, how did you then link up with Ambitiouz Ent?

I actually started communicating with Ambitiouz Ent when I was still in Lesotho. I think they looking at my work and were impressed, so they called me. That’s basically how it happened.

You currently have one of the biggest songs in the country right now, which is titled ‘Dumelang’. What does it take to make such a big record, what was the process to making a song like that?

I’m just being myself. I don’t think too hard or try too hard when making music. I just start writing and it all comes to me. I’ve been making hits for a while now, I just think this is the one that got the attention. Maybe it’s because it’s my first single since being in Jozi and with Ambitiouz Ent, but I’ve been making hits for a while now.

With such a big single, obviously the masses are going to be waiting and expecting to hear more from you very soon. Should we expect a full-length project soon or just more singles for now?

I’m in the studio 24/7, I’m always making music. I think I’m working on a full-length project and almost done with it. I’m just waiting on the release date from the label.

As for the Lock-Down. How has it been treating you and how has it affected you personally?

Personally, I think it helped me a lot. That’s when I got to work on the songs ‘Dumelang’ and ‘Price to pay’. I learnt so many things, so I think it helped somehow.

Any last words you’d like to share.

Mainly, I just want to thank people for their love and support. Keep supporting and showing me love, big things are yet to come. Thank you!

Malome Vector – BIO / PROFILE

Real name                               : Bokang Moleli

Place of birth / Kasi                : Lesotho

Malome Vector Age                        : 28

Malome Vector’s Instagram        : @malome_vector

Malome Vector on Facebook      : Malome Vector

Malome Vector’s Twitter              : @Malome_Vector

Record Label                                      : Ambitiouz Ent

Occupation                                         : Rapper, Songwriter, Singer & Producer

Genre                                                   : Famo, Afro-Pop, Hip-Hop

Popular Songs                                   : Dumelang, Ichu

Associated Acts : Miss Pru, Blaq Diamond, LaSauce

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