Mickey Monarch Gets Down & Dirty With Her New ‘MUD’ EP

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Mickey Monarch proved that she’s not afraid to get some dirt on her, when she dropped her EP titled ‘Mud’. The project dropped back in May and consists of 11 tracks and combined different sounds and genres to form something unique. Though the Rapper does bring her pen game to the booth, she also proved that she can dabble with any sound or element she chooses.

The 21-year-old Rapper is a versatile artist from the east side of Joburg. She is popularly known as “the beast from the east”, “The girl with the Tweng”, “Colonel Of Colorful” and many other nick names. Big on collaborations, especially with female Artists, her and Sizzle Manizzle have created a bond and a movement that is based on women empowerment and encouraging women to work together.

She also features on Sizzle Manizzle’s latest single ‘Bounce’, having also collaborated with Sizzle on her previous single ‘Make it Rain’. Mickey Monarch is lovely by her fans because of her lively personality and her eccentric ways to express her emotions. You can tell from how she Raps, talk or even her twerking videos on social media that she is not one to hold herself back. That wiining formula of hers has seen her win the hearts of fans abroad, reaching as far as fans from LA contently showing her love on her Social Media.

We Caught up with Mickey Monarch on Kas’lam TV’s IG Live to talk more about her journey, future plans as well as the works she’s currently putting in. Watch the Full Interview Below.

Highlights of The Interview

Take us through the process of creating the ‘Mud’ EP and what it means to you

‘Mud’ to me represents my versatility and ability to dabble with different sounds. The ‘Mud’ EP is not Hip-Hop, it’s a whole lot of sounds. Just like how I express myself on a daily, sometimes I’m a formal business women, at times I’m playful, at times I’m a baddie and I have my but out, the ‘Mud’ EP is all of that. I worked with a lot of producers and I tried to give as many producers a chance as I can.  

Take us through some of the challenges a female Artist has to face.

With being a female in the game, its always about facing a different kind of judgement and breaking stigmas. You know female Rappers are always judged differently. Either you’re too Nkicki Minaj, or too much like Cardi B, Or too tomboyish, or not tomboy enough. But I don’t let that break me, I feed on it and channel the positives.

Do you think Female artists are doing enough to put each other on and empower the female side of the game?

Most of the current breed of the female Artists that are currently at the top expect a lot of Artists on the come up to idolise them but don’t do enough to put them on. That’s why me as Sizzle Manizzle are encouraging and trying to influence a lot of females to put each other on and plug each other, We demonstrate that by working together and always putting each other on, as well as work with other females as well and put them on.  

Image of Mickey Monarch

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