Ngikhethele, Mzansi Magic’s new arranged marriage show to excite viewers


Get ready for a game-changing love quest as Mzansi Magic revolutionizes the search for true love with its exhilarating arranged marriage show, Ngikhethele. Premiering on Sunday, July 16th at 6 pm, this groundbreaking series presents a fresh and innovative take on finding your happily ever after.

Ngikhethele takes you on a whirlwind journey alongside eight singles who, disillusioned by the complexities of modern dating, turn to their families in search of their perfect life partners. But here’s the twist: families are entrusted with the responsibility of meeting and vetting potential suitors’ families, without direct interaction with the singles themselves.

Shirley Adonisi, the Director of Local Entertainment Channels, is thrilled to deliver diverse and top-quality content to viewers. She states, “Mzansi Magic is committed to providing our viewers with the finest in local entertainment, spanning across various genres. Ngikhethele offers a fresh and unique perspective on romance and the significance of embracing traditional values in a modern world.”

Adonisi further adds, “Ngikhethele serves as a timely reminder of the importance of family input in life decisions. We hope this show showcases the vital role families play in the choices we make and the impact their support can have.”

So, what’s in store? The process kicks off with families visiting the vibrant Ngikhethele lounge to establish their preferences and criteria for an ideal match for their son. Next, two families are selected for initial dates, and after the dates, they progress to the exciting home date phase. During this phase, the groom’s family visits the top two homes, and vice versa. The true essence of Ngikhethele lies in the final decision-making process, where families make their preferred match selections for the singles. Once decided, a letter is sent to the bride’s family for “ukucela ubuhlobo,” and the bride’s family has the option to accept or decline.

The show reaches its pinnacle with the highly anticipated lobola day, where both families come together to celebrate the engagement. It is on this momentous occasion that the couple meets for the first time and embarks on a three-week trial home experience to assess their compatibility. As lobola day approaches, preparations begin as the families convene to negotiate and finalize the marriage arrangements. The ultimate decision to marry lies in the hands of the couple, granting them the power to shape their future together.

Ngikhethele is a delightful and heartwarming show that invites viewers to explore an unconventional approach to finding love. Brace yourself for touching moments and the profound impact of family connections that will leave you spellbound.

Mark your calendars! Don’t miss the grand premiere of Ngikhethele on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), every Sunday at 6 pm, starting from July 16th. Get ready for a love journey like no other!

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