SBAHLE is Willing To Die For Love on ‘NGIYAZIFELA’ Music Video

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Singer and songwriter, Sbahle Cele who is signed to Umuthi Records in partnership with Ambitiouz Entertainment shows us just how much in love she is. On her latest single ‘Ngiyazifela’, She narrates her story from telling her lover to meet her by the river willing to elope with him.

We caught up with Sbahle on an exclusive Kas’lam TV Episode to chat more about her love story and music journey. Sbahle highlights on how she was discovered by Blaq diamond through the various covers that she used to do and post on social media. The covers (videos) went viral enough to catch the attention of Blaq diamond and she went on to be the first Artist signed under Umuthi Records.

Kas’lam TV interview with Sbahle

Ngiyazifela’ is the 2nd single by Sbahle released under Umuthi Records following ‘Emlanjeni’. The Afro-pop song is about a girl who is in love so much that she wants to leave home and be with the man she loves. It encourages people to make sacrifices for love and follow their hearts. Sbahle says she knows that Ngiyazifela will touch the audience and remind them of a moment in a time of their lives.

The song is accompanied by a music video that translates the song perfectly. The video is built around people who make sacrifices for relationships. It tells a story of a girl who is in love, but her gangster brother is against the relationship and makes things difficult for them. The young lady’s strong sense of love leads her to decide to leave home, at the risk of alienating her family, for the love of her life. The 22-year-old who hails from Umlazi believes that there are people who will relate to the music video because, most of us have felt the Romeo and Juliet kind of love at some point in our lives.

Sbahle’s journey sounds like an easy overnight success, “make covers, post them on the net, blow up and get discovered” but that was not the case at all. The singer talks about entering Idols SA 9 times in a row before finally getting called back for a live audition. However, soon after she got called back for Idols SA, she also got the call from Umuthi Records.


Sbahle on Kas’lam Live

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