Sizzle Manizzle Brings the ‘Bounce’ With New Sound ‘uMrivitho’

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Sizzle Manizzle recently dropped a 5 track EP titled ‘Make it Rain’. The self-proclaimed “Queen of uMrivitho” dropped the project mid-June and showcases her multifaceted creative side. She describes the EP as an experimentation with an array of new sounds that have produced a mix of hip hop, soulful and street Amapiano.

The lead single of the EP also titled ‘Make it Rain’ features international Xe` from Canada, as well as her good friend Mickey Monarch. She says the inspiration behind the song is black girl magic. The quest for money, making boss moves, taking over the game, and to just keep on going despite everything that is happening globally with COVID-19.

What makes this project extra special is that it is all-female features, as Sizzle Manizzle is very passionate about women empowering women. Though there’s a lot of fun and vibey element to the Ep, it also touches subjects like the dynamics of relationships, women empowerment as well as some strong emotions that are a result of challenges women face on a daily. The project also features production from Chris Carter and Vugar Mbeats amongst others.

Sizzle Manizzle just followed up the EP with a new single titled ‘Bounce‘ featuring her good friend Mickey Monarch and Honey Bee. The release of the single came with some controversy of it’s own. When fans questioned why the Artwork only had Sizzle on it, while there was a photo-shoot with all 3 ladies done for the song’s artwork. Fans accused Sizzle of hogging the spotlight and not wanting the other 2 ladies to shine on the artwork as well. However, Sizzle is a big advocate of women putting each other on and was quick to address the matter. It turns out they had to change up the plan, since the original pictures didn’t work out so well.

Though the 25-year-old Sizzle is currently making waves in the music scene, she is known by most as a Video vixen and broke out into the industry as a model. Over the past couple of years, she has been one of South Africa’s most booked Video Vixens. Her success led her to start her own company called Sizzle Movement, where she can also plug other up-coming Vixens and Models.

We caught up with Sizzle Manizzle on a Kas’lam TV IG Live interview to chat more about her journey. The interview covered her transition from modelling to music, her recent music release, that challenges and judgements that she faces on a daily as an empowered woman who is not afraid to show off her body as well as the racism within the Entertainment industry.

Watch the Full Interview Below.

Highlights of the Interview.

What made you get into music? how did you transit from Model to Musician?

I was actually inspired and influenced by the people to make music. Besides Modelling I also used to MC gigs and events. With that, people used to tell me that I’ve got a special vibe and maybe I should try getting into music as well. After a few months of hesitation, I decided to try it out and my first song ‘Baby, baby’ did well and made it to Channel O. That inspired me to keep going with the music.

What are some of the challenges that come with being a woman with confidence especially about her body in the Entertainment industry?

Well, it comes with a lot of judgement. A lot of people think I’m a slut, which I’m not. A lot of people think we sleep around in the industry, which we don’t. What people don’t know is that I don’t even hang out with celebrities that much or even chill at clubs, unless I’m working or paid to be there. I’m very focus with my work but a lot of people won’t see or acknowledge that, all they see is videos of me twerking on social media. I also don’t get why we get judged for twerking on social media, but the people who pay us to twerk on their music videos don’t get judged. We get judged for twerking on social media, but the people who DM us for the very same reason don’t get judged.

As a Model and a Video Vixen, what are some of the changes you’d like to see in the industry?

I think we need a platform to address different issues, especially about models and video vixens. Besides the sexist judgements, there’s also a lot of racism in the industry. Black Models and Vixens get paid less and get treated the worst on set, we need to educate people and address those matters.

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