Slava Mayne Says Daveyton Ke New York of South Africa

Slava Mayne who’s Proudly Daveyton’s first ever Rapper to drop an official mixtape, is ready to deliver a new project. Salva Mayne is working on the sequel of his debut mixtape DKNY (Daveyton Ke New York), which was dropped back in 2007. The new project will be titled DKNY R3LOAD3D, expected to drop later this year.

Slave says the foundations of DKNY (Daveyton Ke New York), is basically about sending a messege of being proud of where you come from. Slava Mayne claims there are a number of suceesful celebrities who come from Daveyton but have never proudly owned up to their mother Kasi. Slava claims if all Successful Figures from Daveyton would proudly own up to their Kasi, we would all see that Daveyton produces as much talent as New York City.

Johannes “Slava Mayne” Sedibe is a Hip Hop artist, Producer and Songwriter from the Far EastRand, born in a township named Daveyton. He grew up being inspired by music genres like Kwaito and Rnb in his early child hood. He had his first taste of Hip Hop in the mid 90’s when a close friend of his Paul “Wrong Button” Mashiane came with a Wu-Tang cassettes titled “The Swarm & Wu Tang Killer Beez.

A veteran in his own right, Slava first came into real popularity when he entered the NikNaks competition back in 2007, which he became the runner up to the competition’s N’veigh. Later that year, he released his mixtape DKNY (Daveyton Ke New York). Slava came up in an era which most would consider the foundation of SA Hip-Hop and probably the most hardcore era of SA Rap Music.

After what seemed like a long hiatus, in 2016 he later extended his catalogue of work by dropping a self-produced project titled Apklouse & Personal. The project had a great reception by his diehard fans and followers, one of the songs that stood out was a 10 minute freestyle track, which displayed Slava Mayne’s skills of spitting and his smartness in conveying the message in a manner which most artist are still unable to do.

Slava Mayne is now back in the studio after taking a 2 year break, he’s working on his new debut album which is titled DKNY R3LOAD3D  ALBUM. The project is a fusion of the old style hip hop to the new and current sound, with  3 singles have already been released in all digital stores. The singles released are Money Lotion – Feat Premo & Fab Futur3, Vutta – Feat Maradonna & Wrong Button, the latest to hit the mainstream scene is Azishe – Feat KingBobz. This upcoming project will be released by an independent label, Spoilt Brat Entertainment.

We had Kas’lam TV’s very own T. Rapz catch up with Slava to talk about what sounds to be an exciting project coming up.  Watch the full interview with Slava Mayne chatting to T. Rapz on IG Live below.

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