Svuyo Kumkani wants his Love Back on new Song ‘Selimathunzi’

Image of Svuyo Kumkani

Svuyo Kumkani drops an Afro-Pop / Afro-Soul ballad titled ‘Selimathunzi’ inspired by the quest of getting back a lover. The songwriter says the song tells a story of someone who left a relationship in search for something better, only to find out years later that he always had what he wanted and now wants it back. ‘Selimathunzi’ is produced by Big Boy Mashego and delivers some smooth Afro-pop vibes.  

The song will definitely take you on a love journey of someone who regrets a decision made in the past and is looking to correct it. ‘Selimathunzi’ is the lead single to Svuyo Kumkani’s upcoming 6 track EP titled ‘Episodes of Love’. The EP is inspired by finding love and the ability to express love in all aspects your life, from family lover, sexual relationships to your love for God.

Even though ‘Selimathunzi’ is a slow soulful ballad, Svuyo says ‘Episodes of Love’ will offer a more up-tempo afro-pop sound that will make people dance and still get the message through. “What I want people to take out of this EP, is the ability to spread love and express love. I also want to make people confident about it, I want people to be able to express the love confidently especially when it comes to approaching someone you may have a crush on” – says Svuyo Kumkani

Like many Artists or vocalists, Svuyo discovered his talent and passion for music through his contribution in a church choir growing up in the streets of eTwatwa, Daveyton. However, it wasn’t until his Father’s death (2017) when it hit him that life is short and you have to chase your dreams. In 2018, he dropped a 3 track EP titled 53’17,which is in honour of his Dad’s birth (1953) and death (2017) year.

Svuyo is a creative writer and story teller who also writes short stories as well as a Script writer and you can also pick that up on how he tells stories through his music. He regularly publishes some of his scripts on his social media pages and has built a solid following. His work has attracted so much attention that he’s actually working on getting some of his work on our TV screens very soon. 

Watch our Kas’lam TV Insta Live interview with Svuyo Kumkani below.

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