Uncle Waffles and other African Artists fly the flag high for 2023 BET Awards

Amapiano DJ: Uncle Waffles nominated for 2023 BET Awards

Exciting news for Mzansi’s music enthusiasts as Southern African artists Pabi Cooper, K.O, and Uncle Waffles receive nominations for the prestigious 2023 BET Awards. The talented musicians are set to represent their countries and showcase their incredible talent on the international stage.

Pabi Cooper and K.O have been nominated for the highly competitive category of Best New International Act, where they will be up against renowned artists from various countries. Eswatini-born star Uncle Waffles is also a nominee in the Best International Act category, further solidifying his position as a rising African talent.

Expressing their joy and gratitude, Pabi, K.O, and Uncle Waffles took to their social media platforms to share their excitement and appreciation for the nominations on Sowetanlive. K.O humbly stated, “Grateful,” while Pabi exclaimed, “Proud to announce I am nominated for the BET Awards.” Uncle Waffles expressed her disbelief, saying, “This is crazy. Thank you so much!”

The BET Awards also feature other popular categories and notable artists. The Album of the Year category includes impressive contenders such as Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, Drake & 21 Savage, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, and SZA. Meanwhile, the Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Best Male Hip Hop Artist categories boast an array of talented performers like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, J Cole, and more.

This year’s BET Awards promises to be a celebration of creativity and Black excellence, with exceptional talent from the music industry gracing the event. Southern African artists Pabi Cooper, K.O, and Uncle Waffles’ nominations add an exciting and diverse flavor to the awards ceremony, representing the vibrant music scene of the region.

Stay tuned for the 2023 BET Awards and witness the electrifying performances as these talented artists compete for recognition on a global scale. Let’s support and cheer for Pabi Cooper, K.O, and Uncle Waffles as they showcase the rich musical heritage of Southern Africa to the world.

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