Zulu Finesse Lays Down the Grind that comes with being ‘Egoli’

Image of Zulu Finesse

Hip Hop artist Zulu Finesse recently dropped his latest single titled ‘Egoli’. Having moved from Ladysmith KZN to Jozi in search of greener pastures, the Rapper saw it fitting to make a song inspired by his move. Produced by Myth, G-Shaun and Cano, the song has that African Trap feeling to it with a touch of Kasi Rap.

“The Song Egoli is a very spiritual song for me. It highlights my life from when I moved from KZN to Gauteng looking for greener pastures. After completing my Degree in Property development at the University of KZN, I struggled with finding employment. It was then that I decided to move to Gauteng to look for better opportunities. When I got to Gauteng, I still struggled to find a job. It was with the struggle that learnt some lessons since moving to Jozi, one of those lessons was the value of money and how to grind… that’s what the song is all about” – says Zulu Finesse

Zulu Finesse had to hold down a job as a petrol attendant for over 1 year 6 months while he was searching and looking for employment in the Construction and property sector. However, he always had it in the back of his head that music was his ultimate love and eventually that’s where he wants to find himself.   

Part of the inspiration behind the song is re-evaluate his life and learn to develop a positive attitude towards life and make a change for the better. Zulu Finesse believes he was brought in this world to do 2 things, that’s to entertain and educate and that’s what he plans on doing with his music and overall lifestyle.

This song talks about my arrival in Johannesburg. My financial and spiritual struggles, but through it all I discovered my purpose and now I’m on my journey to fulfilling it.” He continued to say ” I hope it teaches people that you need to learn a skill, master it, love it then finally build a business around it.” That is what is Zulu Finesse is currently doing with music career.

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