I find joy in seeing people’s teeth – Stopnonsons

it was a parody video of SABC Show “Khumbulekhaya”, with him acting as the long-lost son of Patrice Motsepe (South Africa’s richest black man) that caught the attention of audiences all over South Africa. That video and others that followed it have propelled Tumi to become an internet sensation who now feature regular on TV and YouTube. This young talented individual not only has millions of views on YouTube, but has made a success of himself by simple using a phone. Talk about starting where you are with what you have.

Some know him as Tumelo Enoch Matila (Born on the 23rd of March 1992,) and is mostly affectionately known by the masses as Stopnonsons aka Jumaima, his two famous stage acts. Raised in a Christian home, in a small township located in the south of Johannesburg, the love of the entertainment was evident from a young age. Having participated in school stage plays and concerts, the stage became a home to nurture his talent. By 2002, at the tender age of ten, Tumi had said his prayers, and made a decision to be a

stand-up comedian. From a distance, one would think his career has been fast tracked by connections and friends in the industry, but like many success stories, the road to victory has had its challenges.

So, tell us how did the concept of Jumaima come about? As a stand-up comedian there were some issues I wanted to address, I felt sceptical because I knew my sexuality was going to be judged. So, I decided to step into ‘’women’s shoes’’ so that I won’t be judged/ feel judged for speaking against certain genders.

Anyone can tell a joke, but, what does it take to be a professional joke teller with a story line? Everyone can tell a joke that is true, in South Africa we have a thing whereby everyone is genuinely funny. So as a comedian you need to work twice as hard. Having to teach someone how to be funny is hard, it’s not something you can easily do because the stories you tell the audience are stories whereby they already know but now it’s a matter of shifting the mind-set of you having to portray a certain image of what has already happened.

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