Kaygee Daking and Bizizi: The AmaPiano Power Couple

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Kaygee Daking and Bizizi took over the music industry and the AmaPiano scene when they released their breakout single titled ‘Kokota Piano’. The song was released in April 2019 and went on to dominate for the rest of the year crossing over to 2020. The Duo followed up with another single titled ‘Pikachu’, which was dropped in the year 2020 and also went on to be huge. Now the AmaPiano Power couple is back with another banger titled ‘Lesilo’ featuring DJ Tira, which dropped a couple of months back.

Music Video for Kokota Piano by KayGee & Bizizi


I come from Naledi in SOWETO, also know as Star town. My Mom raised me as a single parent. I started with Hip-Hop music back in 2016 but before then I was a dancer all my life” – says KayGee Daking.  “Growing up in Naledi we never really had role models or people we can say made it big in the public eye, so I’m proudly one of the first but hopefully not the last

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Kaygee DaKing


Well, I grew up in white city, SOWETO. On our side of town we do have a few people who have made us proud, like the likes of Portia Modise, Yeye Letsholonyane and of course myself.” – says Bizizi.  “I grew up playing Netball and I was also a dancer. You know where we come from you need to positively keep active to avoid being caught up in the wrong lifestyle

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KAYGEE DAKING & BIZIZI: How it all started

Kaygee Daking and Bizizi met back in 2014/15 while they were still on their separate journeys. Kaygee Daking was still an up-coming Rapper / Hip-Hop Artist and Bizizi was an events Promo girl / dancer who had just been discovered by the legendary DJ Cleo as a Gqom Artist. Bizizi was featured on 3 of DJ Cleo’s songs on the ‘Eskhaleni 11’ album and worked under DJ Cleo’s mentorship for a while.

“I met DJ Cleo through a friend who mentioned that Cleo was looking for some girls to do some voice overs on a song. So, I organised 2 of my girls and we went to Cleo’s studio for the session. After my girls were done recording what Cleo needed them to record, Cleo also asked me to do the same thing and he was actually more impressed by me and wanted to continue working with me”says Bizizi. 

We spontaneously decided to do a Collab. I was a Hip-Hop Artist, she was a Gqom Artist and we decided how about we do a AmaPiano song. At that time DJ Cleo didn’t want her to work with anyone so it was a risk that we took, that was actually our first attempt on a AmaPiano song and that was the making of Kokota Piano” – says KayGee Daking.

I remember Bizizi had just came back from a promo event, she had a young bottle with her *lol*. We took a couple of shots of the bottle then we decided let’s just risk it and make it happen. We came up with the hook while we were on our way to the studio, which was like a 45 minutes’ walk. We were actually playing a different beat while we were headed for the studio and the hook itself was a bit different. As soon as we got to the studio we worked on a different beat and slightly changed the hook as well, that was it! A hit was made!” – says KayGee Daking.

BUSINESS PARTNERS: Sotra Sauce Entertainment

Kaygee Daking and Bizizi also own and run their own label / Entertainment company named Sotra Sauce Entertainment. Under Sotra Sauce Entertainment they fully own their music and have a few other Artists signed under the company as well. Under the company they have AmaPikachu, a female due that just dropped their debut single titled ‘Pikini’. They also have a DJ / Producer by the name of DJ Taptobetsa, Hip-Hip Artist by the name of M PaQ and performing Artist / Songwriter Inno.


The 2 have already experienced their fair share of the ugly side of the music industry. Soon after the breakout of their single ‘Kokota Piano’ which features Killer Kau, came some trouble along the way which led to them not seeing eye to eye with Killer Kau. The Due claim that Killer Kau and his manager started taking bookings using their name and claiming they will all be in attendance to perform the single however, only Killer Kau would show up, take all the money without ever notifying them.

“What actually made us fight is that Killer Kau would falsely take bookings under our name. Kokota was initially released without Killer Kau however, since he was a friend and liked the song, he asked to be featured on it and we were down for that. How it came for us to fight is that him and his manger started taking bookings and would say we’ll all be coming (but we wouldn’t be) and they’d take all the money.”- says KayGee Daking.


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It may come as a surprise to a few but the AmaPiano power Due are also a power couple. The 2 started dating before they established a professional relationship and have been dating for around 6 years now. The 2 also spoke on the challenges that come with working together and maintaining a healthy relationship as a couple. They say one of the biggest keys to making such a relationship work is maintaining the focus, always focus on the bigger picture and be able to separate business from the personal.

Get to hear all they had to say on our upcoming episode of Kas’lam Live which will be dropping on Kas’lam TV (YouTube) on the 18th June 2021.

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