Soweto’s Finest are Ready To Drop their ‘Tikoloshi Gang’ Album

Image of Soweto's Finest

Soweto’s Finest are ready to own the season with the drop of their debut album titled ‘Tikoloshi Gang’. It’s been quite a journey for these 4 Super Stars, from a powerful and charismatic dance crew transformed to the biggest music group of the year. Soweto’s Finest are bringing you their debut album on the 2nd of October and it’s promising to be a big one!

The album has already delivered 2 massive singles with ‘Tikoloshi’ and the recent ‘Njalo Njalo’ featuring Blaklez. ‘Tikoloshi’ was the first to come out and it featured BiziziKaygee Daking. The crew dropped the single early in the year (2020) and it just rapidly took the country by storm. Releasing the song through the Tikoloshi challenge and it was an instant trend on social media, leading it to becoming one of the biggest songs of the year so far. Both the music video and their initial Tikoloshi challenge video have reached over 1.2 million views on YouTube respectively.

After such a huge and sustained buzz, the group took their time to follow up Tikoloshi with a new single. They have finally and recently dropped a follow up single to ‘Tikoloshi’ titled ‘Njalo Njalo’, their new single switches up the mood to something different and it features Blaklez. ‘Njalo Njalo’ is a praise and worship song delivered in an Afro house beat with a touch of Hip-Hop delivered by the featured Rapper Blaklez. The song aims to show gratitude for the massive blessings that the crew have received since their rise to stardom.

The group of 4 is formed by lead Choreographer Thomas “Tom London” Chauke, the dynamic and funny Njabulo “Njabz“ Mahlaba, The talented sound engineer Nkululeko “DJ Bash” Nyembe and the crafty, humble and big brother figure Samson “Monde” Ngcina. The group promise you an all-round album that will make you dance, vibe and take you through a journey of emotions and storytelling.

We caught up with the Soweto’s Finest on Kaslam TV’s IG Live to chat more about their journey, transformation from dancers to musicians as well as their brotherhood and friends and colleagues.  

Watch the full interview below.

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